The New Dining Room Sideboard


Today I’m super excited to share our new sideboard buffet for the dining room, but first you might notice the blog got a little update since my last post.  Hopefully you like the new design as much as I do and the added features make things easier to find.  Now, on to the buffet.  I’m absolutely in love with how this piece turned out!  Here’s how it looked when I spotted it on the local buy/sell page.



It wasn’t as tall as the one we had before but it was wider and had more storage cabinets which is what I had been looking for.  I was way down the line for dibs and thought for sure it would never make it to me, but a few days later the seller message me to say that I was up next and see if I still wanted it!  We were still in Hawaii so I contacted Anne-Tiques who refinished our hope chest and arranged for her to go pick it up for us even though it was located a ways out of town.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE working with her?!  She’s one of the best small businesses I’ve dealt with in a long, long time.

When we returned from Hawaii we went over to see it in person and worked out the game plan for what the final product would be.  To fix the height problem we decided to create a riser platform that the whole piece would sit on and since it would be enclosed we added an air vent to the front so we could still use the floor vent that is located under where the piece would sit.  Here’s the hubs inserting the vent in the riser before we arranged everything.


Here’s the finished piece against our new shiplap wall!  The colors are fun yet neutral at the same time and it compliments the grey of the dog bowl stands perfectly.

2Luna thought this was a great new hiding spot for her while I was getting it stocked.  She was not too pleased when I informed her that this was not for her, but for storage.



The hubs made me this handy shelf for the middle section so I can store a variety of items all within easy reach.


The cabinet on the left holds our china, antique juice glasses from the hub’s family and the toasting flutes from our wedding.  The other side was perfect for a large platter, chip & dip set, salad bowl, bread basket, condiment server and covered baker.


S2The drawers above hold our fancy serving utensils, salt & pepper shakers, gravy boat, butter dish and other small dishes we use periodically. Now we just need to get the windmill hung above it! 🙂

We’ve Got Shiplap!


The first project we tackled after getting back from Hawaii was adding faux shiplap to the dining room.  Although it was high on my wish list I didn’t have plans to get it done until later, but the perfect opportunity presented itself and we decided to make the most of it.

While on vacation I found a larger sideboard to replace the inefficient one we had and made arrangements for my awesome furniture refinisher to pick it up before we returned home.  The buffet we had sold so fast that I had to empty the entire contents on the dining room table, which left the wall empty for about 2 weeks.  Knowing this was a rare opportunity the hubs suggested we just knock it out so it would be done when the new buffet was ready.  I quickly agreed and we figured out what we needed.

We started by locating the studs and marking their location the entire height of the wall so we’d know where to nail the boards in at.  Here’s my stud locating the wood studs.  I helped draw the lines and we recorded the measurement of each from either side of the wall so we’ll know where to anchor the windmill when it goes up later this spring.




We purchased several sheets of 1/4″ hard oak plywood which we planned to have the box store cut into strips for us, but due to poor training the hubs was told they don’t do that.  So he brought the full sheets home and we ripped them into 8″ planks on our table saw.  Unfortunately, we didn’t notice that the back grip on the guide had come loose and most of our boards were not perfectly matched.  We divided them into piles by width so we could easily find similar sized boards as we added new pieces.  We started at the top and nailed the first board in along the stud marks.


Once we had the top row done we used nickles to space out the second row.  Eventually we got tired of fussing with the nickles and just eyeballed the spacing, which worked out pretty well.  The process went pretty quickly and soon we were almost done.




Stoli was quite interested in the process and kept trying to figure out how he could help.  Eventually he decided that guarding dad while he was down on the floor was his best option. 🙂



The hubs had to cut around the two outlets at the bottom of the wall, which took some measuring but went smoothly.  Another row after that and we had the entire wall done.


Next we spackled all of the nail holes, let them dry and then sanded them smooth.  Luckily we could find most in a line where the studs were but we had to find the additional nails were the boards joined going across.  We still missed one or two but I figure it adds a bit of character.


The wood had an orange, almost red tone so we knew it would take several coats to cover.  Here’s how things looked halfway through the first coat.


Another coat had countered the orange but there was still some bleed through so we opted for a third coat.


The bright white makes the entire space so much brighter and I love how it reflects the light from the windows in the dining room.  There were a few imperfections, but it fits our rustic style so I let them be.


The hubs wasn’t crazy about the idea of this project in the beginning but once it was done he stood back and said “Looks pretty good.  I like it.”  I’m glad he does because I LOVE it!  It makes me smile every time I walk in the room and see it. What’s even better is how it works with the new buffet which I’ll share in my next post!

TDC Before and After

Looks Good, Smells Good


I’m not sure where the past week has disappeared to but I certainly don’t want it back.  I’ve been handling some mini “crises” at work, preparing for a trip, dog sitting a VERY active puppy and just trying to keep the to-do list flowing so I haven’t had time to work on projects or edit photos of ones I’ve done recently.  Hopefully this weekend will provide some much needed catch-up time.  Until then here’s a quick look at some new wax warmers I got and am really loving.

Long ago the hubs and I made an agreement that I should not have burning candles because I tend to forget them, which is obviously not very safe.  So instead I have flameless candles for decorating and wax warmers for scents.  I used to have the table top style warmers but have recently moved to the smaller outlet style option because they are easier to clean and don’t take up horizontal space.  I like to have a themed warmer in the entry way and loved the simple winter look of the one seen above.  It went up before Christmas and will probably stay put until spring officially arrives in Alaska.
This one is in the master bathroom and provides a wonderful glow.  It’s the perfect nightlight with just the right amount of light to let you see what you’re doing but not be a shock to tired eyes.  The beautiful pattern and metal tone of the finish are an added bonus.  Even the hubs commented on how nice it was!  Since we were so happy with this style in our bathroom I decided to get one for the hall bath as well.


I originally planned to buy the same one again, but noticed this pattern from another brand on the same shelf and thought it would have a similar glow. It does and the simpler design fits well with the décor in the hall bath better. Now our guests will have plenty of light to see what they’re doing if they need to make a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It also illuminates the little basket of essentials I put out below it which is also helpful.


The first two warmers are from the Better Homes and Garden line at Walmart, but the one in the hall bathroom is from brand called ScentSationals also from Walmart.  All three came with toppers for the wax area which give them a cleaner look than the open air ones I’ve had in the past.  I choose not to use the topper on the winter version just because the wax bowl isn’t very large so I didn’t want the topper sitting in wax if I put two cubes in, but it works just fine without it.  The warmers I had in these locations have since moved to other areas of the house or been sold so it was an efficient change as well.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a space feel homey and I think these do just that.  Do you use wax warmers?  If so, I’d love to hear about your experience with them and what your favorite scents are since I’m always testing out new ones each season! 🙂

A Family Heirloom Revamped


During my recent 2015 recap I realized I never shared the refinish of my hope chest we had a local painter do, so that’s what I’m sharing today!  It’s a large cedar chest that’s been handed down from my great grandmother and is my one true family heirloom so I was too nervous to refinish it myself.  Luckily I connected with Anne-Tiques a husband and wife team who revamp and upcycle furniture and décor.  Their style was very similar to mine and they immediately understood what my vision was so I knew they’d do a good job.  Here’s a before shot of what they started with.


It was in good shape and study, but it was too dark for my style and needed a little touchup.  I picked out a cream base and a light grey top coat so they could distress it a bit and let both colors show.  Here’s how it looks now!


The new color makes it modern and rustic all at the same time, which is a perfect fit for our home.  I love how the colors blend together for a soft finish and how they compliment the other colors in the guest room. Apparently others like this look too because I recently saw another blogger’s post about refinishing a similar Lane cedar chest with the same color combo.  I think she’s got some great taste! 😉


It also got a little tune up while they were prepping for paint.  They repaired the front molding where there was a small crack and tightened up the legs so now it’s ready for another couple of generations.  And it looks oh so lovely from the doorway of the guest room, where it holds a wealth of extra linens at the ready in case anyone needs an extra blanket during our cold Alaskan winters.


It’s no longer the dated clunky piece in the house, now you can see all it’s pretty details and it feels fresh and new.  I couldn’t be happier!  Have you refinished an heirloom antique?  I’d love to hear about it.  Leave me a comment or link below to share!

Another Year Over & a New One Just Begun

The new year is almost here so I’m pausing to reflect and take a look back at the past year here at DB&DT and I’m amazed at just how much we accomplished!

The laundry room started the list with the new cabinet, then continued with some new wall art, simplified décor and a dry rack.

The biggest project by far was the wall-to-wall desk in the office, which I enjoy using every day.   Across from the desk we organized the shelves, updated the knobs and added a paper roll holder to the crafting table.

Updating the mantel and adding a gallery wall around the newly mounted TV in the family room have made the space feel more like home, while the raised dog bowls in the dining room are keeping things cleaner.

The bedrooms also saw some changes.  In the master we built a footboard bench plus a second to replace the first when it was damaged and added something rustic and vintage. The guest room came together with a new closet organizer, swapping out the huge dresser for the newly refinished hope chest (which I just realized I haven’t shared yet!), a new focal point and some found and DIY’d décor.  The ‘spare room’ began its transformation into a ‘foster room’ with the great decrapification, DIY trundle bed and vintage décor.

Outside, we finished the gravel patio, fire pit, egg table and added deck seating.  We also got the garden set up, started a raspberry patch and welcomed the cluck club to their new coop.

2015 also brought some sadness with the passing of my Mema and our baby Bacardi, but I’m grateful for all the blessings we are ending the year with.

Here’s a few projects I’ve got planned for 2016:

  • Art display boards, a desk, nightstand, display shelves and closet system to finish up the foster room.
  • Better coat storage in the laundry room
  • Adding faux shiplap and my salvaged windmill to the dining room
  • Installing sliding barn doors to the office
  • Updating the garden box and front flowerbeds
  • Adding landscaping around the deck
  • DIY collage for the hallway

But tonight I plan to relax at home with my fur babies and the hubs.  I wish you a wonderful end to the year and a very bright 2016!

Christmas Decor Tour

With everything going on this year I didn’t get to decorate for Christmas until last week, so I kept things simple and classic with items that can transition into January without feeling too Christmasy. If you’ve been around the blog for a while you know I decorate with reindeer and name my favorites.  Max and Milo ended up in the same spots they had last year while big man Woody is still out in the yard guarding the rain garden. Holly and Rudy travel with me in my truck and little Fink is on my desk at work again this year.  Here’s where the others are hanging out this season.

In the entryway I used a new lighted garland with Red & Flint.  Woodland Santa watches over them as they play in the lights and Rusty my metal reindeer welcomes from the corner.


I’m loving the new garland, especially at night when it looks lovely.


Across from the entry dresser is Moe, one of my favorite reindeers with his knotted needs and big ‘ol feet.


Around the corner Gus holds down the bench with a noel pillow and fur throw.  He has a great vantage point of the tree from this spot.


In the family room little Noel met her twin (thanks to a thrift store find back in the fall at just $4) and they teamed up to build a little snowman between the new pretty sparkly trees I bought at a favorite local boutique shop called Vintage Joy during their 40% off holiday sale.  They look great next to our new rustic mantel with birch candles.


Handsome Sebastian stays warm next to the candle on the side table with a little frosty garnish to munch on.


Between the family and dining room our Willow Tree Nativity set is displayed atop the curio cabinet with this amazing barnwood star I picked up at a local craft bazaar for just $28 and two little simple trees that were at the same bazaar for just $3 each.  I realized after I edited the photo that the star was a little crooked and fixed it but didn’t want to retake the photo so just ignore that ok?  Next year I’d like to add to the wise men and angel to the set and may finally get around to making a creche like this one for it, but for now I like how the simple piece of wood elevates Mary & Joseph and ties in with the star.


I struggled with the dining room buffet for a few days but finally settled on this lantern and rustic box filled with greenery and twinkling lights.  Simple yet festive and a perfect compliment to the centerpiece on the table, which I already shared.


I had planned to clip Christmas cards on the windmill, but we haven’t gotten it installed yet, so I used the same concept on my metal wall art next to the back door.  I think it worked pretty well.


So that’s my decorating for this year.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Our Newly Rustic Mantel

Today I’m sharing the revamp we gave our plain white mantel.  Although we wanted a rustic timber mantel when we were building the contractor wanted an absurd amount of money to install one and we weren’t certain what it would look like so we opted to take his basic style and DIY a work around later.  Two years later it’s finally happened.  I considered several methods including faux painting a wood grain and building a wood sleeve box, but I’m not great at painting and it would be nearly impossible to get a wood box to sit flush with the stone we have on the surround.  I also considered doing a wood veneer but had a hard time finding pieces large enough and worried that it wouldn’t fit together right.

While hunting Amazon for wood veneers I found a rustic wood print self-adhesive vinyl for around $10 a roll and figured at that price it was worth giving it a shot.  When it arrived I was worried that the colors were too similar to the rock, but eventually I felt that even if it was it would still be better than the big white block we currently had.  Here’s how the mantel looked until yesterday.


And here’s how it looks now!


The material was fairly easy to work with, you just use the grid pattern on the back to cut it to size, then peel and stick it down to the surface you’re covering.  Because we wanted the pattern to go up under the rock and wrap around for a continuous pattern it was more difficult than other applications.


We had a neighbor visit while we were measuring, who helped herself to the remains of my hanging baskets.  I don’t mind too much since they’re already goners but hopefully she forgets where she found them come spring.


I think she eventually realized that I was watching and attempted to hide behind the post while continuing to munch…


But back to the project at hand.  Several hours and a few choice words muttered under my breath later the mantel looked like this.  Definitely an improvement from the big white blob!


It’s definitely not perfect.  There are a couple of bubbles here and there, and a few cut marks where I had to work out wrinkles when things didn’t line up just right, but you really only see them close up when the light hits them just right, so I’m ok with that – especially for just $20!



9The birch candles the hubs made and frosted garland compliment the new look perfectly, so it’s a DIY win-win!


DIY Industrial Vintage Laundry Dry Rack

2Today I’m sharing another industrial pipe project the hubs recently did for me – a dry rack in the laundry room.  I often have sweaters and tops that need to be dried flat, but since I don’t have a space to do that I usually hang those items on a folding dry rack over a vent in the adjacent dining room.  Unfortunately the hubs like his jeans to air dry and are often occupying the folding rack when I need to dry sweaters so my solution was a permanent rack in the laundry room over the sink.

1I originally asked for a bar straight across but the hubs determined that in order to get the best stability we’d have to place the bar higher than I originally thought so he created a small drop down in the design to compensate for the higher spot.  Luckily, I’m pretty tall and can reach the hanger up to catch the rod with the hook easily, so the height is no problem for me.


As you can see I’ve already put it to good use. It does infringe on Luna’s eating space a bit, but I think she secretly likes hiding behind the clothes when the rack has several items on it and as long as she can see out the window she’s a happy camper and I’m happy to have a space that functions and looks awesome. Thanks honey! 🙂

Shared on Knick of Time’s Vintage Inspiration Party!

DIY Industrial Cart Bed


Remember this cool metal cart I shared last month? Well the hubs has worked his magic and converted it to the coolest bed for our foster room!  I don’t have step-by-step instructions since he worked on this while I was working on other projects, but you can see the basic design in the picture below.


He also built a trundle frame based on a plan I found on Pinterest that rolls right underneath so we have the ability to take in siblings if needed.  Both the trundle and the bed are super sturdy so there’s no worries about having a kiddo and all of the dogs on there together, which I can envision happening.


Here it is all dressed!  And because we went with a simple day bed style it should be simple and easy to teach kids how to make the bed and keep things tidy.  It’s also a great new place for Luna to explore as you see below.


We still need to get a mattress for the trundle frame and figure out a desk and nightstand for either side of the bed, but I think this room is finally starting to come together!

Shared on Knick of Time’s Vintage Inspiration Party!

Industrial Cart Makeover Plan


Today I’m sharing another project plan for our future Foster room.  We scored this fabulous industrial cart in a government auction for $45.  I originally planned to use it as a coffee table on the deck, but one of the wheels was missing some of the rubber tread, so it didn’t roll smoothly, which could be a pain when I want to move it around to change up seating.


Plus its SUPER HEAVY so I wasn’t keen on adding more weight to the deck since we already have the Green Egg table out there and a large seating area.  It was way too cool to not use it in some way, so I had to find another purpose for it.  Luckily inspiration struck quickly.  Although I’d picked up a bunk bed frame and a wooden twin bed for the Foster Room neither ended up working out like I’d hoped so I was looking for an alternative.  It dawned on me that the cart seemed to be about the same size as a twin bed, so I put the mattress on top to see how it fit.


I was quite a bit giddy when I realized it was a perfect match! Since I wanted the bed to be a trundle I knew we’d have to take the wheels off and create some other form of support, so seeing that the sockets at both ends of the bed were still accessible gave me another idea.


We could create a frame for each end with metal pipe that would fit through the sockets! I did some searching on Pinterest and found something similar to my vision, talked it over with the hubs and confirmed it was possible.


Armed with a plan, the hubs made a multi-project shopping trip to the big blue box and now has the materials we need to get this project underway. Hopefully that will happen over the weekend and maybe even be completed by next weekend, so stay tuned to see the progress!