Adding Chippy Charm to the Deck

Is anyone else still coming to terms with the fact that it’s already mid-August?  While blog land and Pinterest fill with everything fall, I’m clinging to the last bits of summer.  It’s been a rainy one here and while that’s great for my plants I’d prefer more sunshine during summertime.  Luckily, I’ve had plenty of projects to distract me, including this spot on our deck where I created an extra seating and planting area with an old bench that I picked up at the Junk Bonaza show last fall.

It was a steal at just $30 and I knew it would look great on the deck – plus it can double as a photo prop for large families!  It’s the perfect amount of chippy paint and classic lines for my style.  I placed it under the dining room windows and flanked it with our whiskey barrel fountain and a wooden barrel we picked up on our last trip to Portland.  Then I added in plants and a bird house to finish off the look.

This arrangement brings so much color and life to this side of the deck.  Most of the plants I used are in pots with minimal or no drainage so being under the eave of the house is a smart choice, plus they all have a rustic vibe to them so they pair well with the worn bench.

I’ll be enjoying this pretty set up as much as possible for the rest of the summer, even if that’s only until the end of the month.  I can’t wait to figure out similar areas on the new deck off our Master bedroom next summer.  That deck is almost done, so I should be sharing it with you soon!



A New Closet Bench


Some time ago Luna decided she no longer liked her perch in our closet and proceeded to claw the daylights out of the side of the storage ottoman I had already repaired once.  I guess she knew I’d be switching the style of our Master to more rustic farmhouse and wanted to give me a starting point.  I sold the slightly damaged ottoman and began the hunt for a replacement.  The hunt then drug on for several months and Luna whined that she didn’t have a perch – to which I told her it was her own doing.

I wanted something that she couldn’t damage with her claws so I knew wood was my best option.  I’d considered building a small farmhouse style bench with a plan from Pinterest when I spotted this little distressed piano bench on the local buy/sell page.  It was a little more expensive than I hoped, but the seller offered me a small discount making it cheaper than what she had bought it for so I felt a little better about it.


It fits perfectly under the mirror and the additional storage where the top lifts up is just enough to hold my work T-Shirts so I don’t have to pull them down from the high top shelf when I need them every few months.  I thought I could add a bit more storage with a basket underneath and I had one that wasn’t fulfilling a purpose at the moment so I did a quick test fit.


You’d think it was made to fit there!  And it coordinates with the colors quite well.  Luna was quick to show her approval of the new bench, which allows her to admire herself in the mirror once again.


And more importantly, it provides an optimum ambush location for that crazy younger sister of her’s when she gets a bit too energetic and needs to be reminded of who’s really in charge!


I wasn’t sure how I’d use the basket at first, but I’ve since started putting the “to be altered or mended” items in there which frees up space on the shelf over the bottom rod on my side.  Perhaps being able to see them in the basket will remind me to take them to be done!

I plan to paint the trim and molding around the mirror cabinet this winter when there’s not so much to do outside, which will start to give this space a more finished look.  I’ve made another small update to this space since taking these pictures and will share that soon as well. Until then I’d love to hear what you think about the new bench and the extra storage it provides!

Master Bench – Industrial Style this time

ZRemember our pretty upholstered DIY bench that sat at the foot of our bed?  It suffered a fatal injury while we were on vacation and had a house sitter.  I’m not sure if the dogs jumped on it or if something else happened, but this is how we found it when we returned from our trip.


Both legs on one end had lost connection with the base of the cushion.  We probably could have fixed it but we knew it wouldn’t be as sturdy as it had been and if it couldn’t withstand life in our house at it’s strongest then it wasn’t going to work for us.  So we came up with a plan to replace it a bit of industrial style and plenty of support so we don’t have to go through this again.  The hubs drew up a plan to use pipe for the base and wood for the top based on pictures I found on Pinterest.  Once it was assembled and put in the room we realized our scale was a bit off.


1If we needed a coffee table it would have been perfect, but it just didn’t work as a foot board bench.  Not only was it too high, it was too wide and took up too much of the walkway.  So the hubs took things apart, cut a few pieces and reassembled everything.  This time it was a much better fit. (Excuse my ‘naked’ bed – it was sheet washing day!)


Now we only needed one of the boards from the first version for the top.  And presto – a perfectly proportioned foot board bench!



Since the board is a little hard and the stain we used will likely seep for a while added a faux fur skin on top as a cushion and stain guard.

6I really love how it turned out and the rustic/industrial look it gives to the room, especially since I just changed up the décor in here to go more that direction.  I’ll be sharing those details soon.  I’m planning to work up a new base for the old bench cushion top and sell it in my booth at the upcoming holiday bazaars.  I’ve got a couple of ideas on what it will look like already, but if you have a suggestion I’d love to hear it!

A Quick Fix

When we first brought Luna home, she took out her anxiety on my storage bench in the Master Closet.  Since my other chitlins had somehow stained the seat while we lived in the rental house I wasn’t too upset about it.


But now that we’ve passed the “settling in” phase and she is secure in her role of ruling the DB&DT household, it was time to fix this little blemish.


I dug through my fabric stash and decided a tan microsuede remnant was the perfect match for the master bedroom decor and was just the right size for the project.  Apparently, Luna felt a tad bit guilty about her role in creating the problem, so she wanted to help by taking her bath right next to the board as I worked on it.


A few staples and snips later, it looks better than new!


So good in fact, that the Princess herself came to give it a royal approval!


And then pause to appreciate how pretty she was after her bath!


Hopefully, she has no plans to tear up her new throne now that it’s been upgraded. 🙂

2 Step Bench Update

Remember my $25 bench? This is what it looked like when we first got it. It was pretty enough, but it was definitely worn and in need of some TLC.


This weekend the sun was shining and I just couldn’t resist doing projects outside. Since my yard is still on hold while waiting for the builder to clean and grade our lot, I focused my energy on other outdoor tasks like updating the bench. While the fur babies played in the yard, I moved the bench out to the driveway and did a quick sanding by hand to even out a few rough spots.


Next, I applied a dark stain we had on hand and about 30 minutes later, this was the result! It looks a meeeelllion times better and I didn’t spend a dime! It just doesn’t get better than that!


Since it’s just a tad big for the corner of the porch, I plan to put it down by the rain garden so I have a spot to sit and appreciate the blooms. That means I’m now on the hunt for some outdoor chairs in need of a touch up to fill my empty porch! 🙂



benchI haven’t been having much luck on the local buy/sell pages or Craigslist so I was stunned when I happened upon a post for a wooden bench for $40 and NO ONE had claimed it yet.  I immediately commented that I’d come get it that evening or could send the hubs that afternoon.

Once I commented that gal messaged me and said she had just realized there was a bolt missing on one side so she would reduce the price to $25.  Um, no I don’t have a problem with that!  I texted the hubs the info and let her know that he’d be by soon.

It turned out to be as nice as the photo portrayed it to be, so we’ve placed it on the front porch for the time being.  It does fit there fairly well, although it might be better on a bit of an angle.  I have a sneaking suspicion that once we start getting the yard put together come spring, it might end up elsewhere.  Especially since it would make a wonderful photo prop for clients who want to split their session with indoor and outdoor shots! 😉


It turns out the missing bolt isn’t too big of a deal.  It is kind of important to make it more stable, but thanks to the return of the snow, we don’t spend a whole lot of time sitting outside.


It’s also makes the perfect perch for Luna now that she’s started going outside on her harness when we take the dogs out to play.  She’s not very fond of the cold and wants absolutely noting to do with snow, so she investigates the corners for the porch and then resumes her lofty viewpoint to watch her siblings bound around like crazies in the frozen wilderness.


And when she’s had enough, she goes to the door and says so! LOL


She’s used to being on her harness outside at her previous home, so we’ve continued that policy here for now.  Hopefully, she’ll eventually get to a point where she goes out without it, although then she’ll have to have a collar with a bell so she doesn’t get too close to the birdies I plan to entice to our yard this summer!