Finishing Touches in the Pantry

Thanks to a great BOGO Free sale and gift cards from Christmas I recently finished up the pantry.  Because I wanted to add some more baskets now that we had more room, I decided to replace the ones we’d been using since we were in Kodiak – which will be repurposed in the studio and the spare room.


I also picked up some tiered racks for things like olive oil, bbq sauce, etc, and added a lazy susan next to it for the spices that didn’t make it into the spice rack.



Additional turntables in the remaining corners created accessible storage for drink ingredients, sauces and jellys.




The hubs made use of the wall space next to the door by hanging the cooling racks and fryer scoop.


Just like he did in the guest bathroom closet, the hubs added an additional light to the pantry for those items that are on the lower shelves.


Up above there is room for the rotisserie, a basket with spare grease cans, the hubs’ cast iron pan, paper towels and a basket for storing plastic bags.  I went back to get that big basket after the BOGO sale, and ended up getting a super deal because it rung up on clearance for much less than what I anticipated paying with my 40% off coupon!


The bottom of the pantry became home to the dog food and recycle containers, with room left over to store my soda habit.


My final pantry project was the jars for our sugar, flour and other staples (seen in the picture above).  It was a fairly simple project.  I picked up several of these screw top jars on sale at Fred Meyers.


I put them right to use and had to come up with a quick temporary labeling system until I had time to make something pretty.  So I grabbed my trusty dry erase marker and hand wrote each item.  That of course didn’t last long.


Based on that, I knew I didn’t want to do the cute chalkboard labels I see all over Pinterest.  Instead I decided to create vinyl labels for each with my Silhouette.


They turned out pretty nice!  I love that they are easy to read and should hold up to repeated use.  Plus they look pretty spiffy all together on the shelf.


And that’s our pantry.  It’s the perfect marriage of organization and inventory, which not only makes me giddy, but keeps the happy as well.  I think that’s a sign of a project well done. 🙂




The Home Stretch


We made our weekly visit to the house yesterday to find it ready for paint, cabinets, flooring and finishing touches. It’s finally starting to look like the house we’ve been envisioning all this time!




The texture is done with a minimal flat finish.


And all of the corners are rounded for a smooth clean look.


Our builder wants to finish by November 5, but he hasn’t ordered the flooring yet – which takes 10 days to arrive from Seattle and then needs to sit on site for 2 days – so that’s not likely.  We’ve struck a deal with the builder that we will install the flooring ourselves to reduce cost, so that should happen the weekend before Veterans Day.

While we wait to hear from our builder about the flooring we’re anticipating that we won’t close and move until the end of November or early December.  Hopefully, some things can be scheduled simultaneously like the energy rating followed by the VA appraisal to speed things up, but we all know this isn’t a perfect world so we aren’t anticipating it will go that smoothly.

Here’s what’s still left to be done:

  • Paint
  • Cabinets
  • Flooring
  • Electrical outlets & switches
  • Light fixtures
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Stone work on the front porch and fireplace
  • Interior doors, trim and window ledges
  • Appliances
  • HVAC vents
  • Locks

It’s so close and yet so far away, which makes me crazy.  I’m a planner and not knowing when things will happen makes me crazy.  It doesn’t help that we have to coordinate dates with our current landlord, our lender, my job and the hubby’s new schooling schedule around these unknown dates.  It all has me wishing I could push fast forward and just zip right to moving day.  If things work out, I plan to take a week off for the move so I can unpack and get settled, but we’ll see how things line up with my work schedule. At least it looks like we’ll be done and living in our new home before 2014 arrives!

Just a Little Update

There wasn’t much progress this week, so today’s update will be rather brief.  The wood roof has been covered with a protective paper material to keep the rain out of the house until the metal roofing, which has been ordered, is installed – hopefully this week.


For now, all the windows and doors are open to let the interior wood dry out after the week-long rain we had.  The electrical should be done by mid-week and then insulation and drywall will begin.  We met with the builder on-site Thursday, and went over a few details.  He confirmed the siding where the nook window size was changed will be replaced by the framers, as it was their error.  He also confirmed they will add a header over the entry to the studio, which will give us a place to hang sliding tracks for doors later (watch for a post in the coming weeks about my plans for the office!).

The interior gas lines have been plumbed, but Enstar still has to run the line into the property from the street.  I’m not sure when this will happen, but it looks like they’ve already been on site doing some preparations.


While the crew was waiting on the sub-contractors they began installing the siding on the front of the house , which makes it seem so much more solid.


They also built the front porch, which will eventually have partial stone columns on either side where the posts currently are.  I can’t wait to decorate this space for holidays!  And I plan to add a pretty little rocking chair to that corner to enjoy the view!


5It’s not grand, but it’s our own little slice of the mountain, and I love it!

So that’s it for this week’s update.  Like I said, not much.  Hopefully this week will be more productive so I can share another milestone or two before the hubs and I head off to the lower 48 for a short trip. 🙂

Moving Right Along…

We went to visit the house again last weekend to find the roof almost complete!  Here’s the latest:



3The front porch where I’m want a rocking chair in the corner for savoring our slice of mountain view.
4The garage.  Tequila is standing in the doorway to the laundry room.

5The garage from the laundry room doorway.

6The kitchen and great room from just outside the laundry room.

7The kitchen, studio and entry way from just outside the laundry room.

8The dining room and kitchen from the great room.  The laundry room is off to the left.

10   11
The entryway and hall bathroom.

9My studio is taking shape!  EEKK! 🙂

12Guest room #1

13Guest room #2

14The Master Bedroom!

15From the rear, garage side.  I’m thinking my garden will fit nicely in that area behind the garage there!

16The rear, bedroom side.  A little extra cleared room as part of the backyard.

And the best part of the site visit was finding this little gem just a few minutes away from our home!  17SOOO going to be making friends with the owners for access to an AMAZING photo location!  I’m already dreaming up cool ideas for family and senior sessions here!


The last time I shared pictures of our home construction, it was little more than a hole in the ground with concrete footers.  A lot has changed in the 10 days since!  I went back to see the progress the following Saturday and found the floor joists finished and exterior walls going up.

1From the driveway.

2 From the back corner of the back yard.

I met the hubs at the site yesterday since I had the day off.  There had been quite a bit more progress!  All of the interior walls are up and they are set to begin installing the roof trusses.

3The garage.  I love how that huge door makes my truck look teeny tiny!

4The man door in the garage.  The other opening will be the electrical panel.

Entering the house from the garage, where the laundry room will be and my new studio off the kitchen.

7The dining room and back door from the kitchen.

8The kitchen with my PANTRY framed in!

9The great room from the dining room.

10   11
The hallway to the bedrooms off the great room and the entry way next to my studio.

12The hubs envisioning the ‘view’ from bed out the slider in our master.

13The other view from bed, the closet on the left and the bathroom on the right.

14   15
The master closet.  I’m already planning this space out to be as efficient as possible.  Watch for a post about that soon. And guest room #1.

16Guest room #2.

17The back side of the house.

18A more straight on shot of the back of the house so you can see ALL THOSE WINDOWS!

19And of course we had to make sure the garage door would be high enough to fit the hub’s big rig! 🙂

Stay tuned for more pictures of the progress and little projects of choosing things as we move on to the details.  I’m hoping to get some shots with the roof on in the next week!

Broken Ground

At last we have broken ground on our new home!!  That’s what’s kept me so busy and unable to post regularly last week.  It sure is a lot of fun picking out all the details, but it takes a lot of time, especially when you’re working within a budget. 🙂

So here’s a little look at the progress thus far.  This is the view heading toward our property.  This is where the pavement ends.  We are still two more bends in the road away.  Notice all the fireweed lining the road?  Some of that is gonna end up in my garden!


And here’s the driveway from in front of the house.  Yes that is a slight bit of a mountain view through the trees!  Something I hadn’t expected, but absolutely love!


Here’s the foundation thus far from the front corner of the garage.


And from the side.  With the well going in just beyond.


This is the yard on the side of the garage.  The septic system will go here, so some of this will be filled in before construction is finished.  The rest will be filled in at some point later by us to make it more usable.  I’m thinking some of this area, possibly closer to the driveway, may end up being used for my rain garden due to the natural slope.


A little more mountain view from the back corner!
I’m thinking I’m going to need a bench out front to enjoy that!


This will be the view out the back of the house for now.
We will clear a bit more to create a yard for the dogs next summer.


Here is the view from the area near the well.  I love that you can just barely see the edge of the neighbor’s driveway, but not the neighbors themselves!  And that means they can’t see us either! Just how we planned it!


The view from the front of the house.  The pink flags on the trees are the property line.  But the lot next door is the same size as ours so it’s likely that when it sells and is built on the owners will build farther forward so we won’t really see them either.


And the best view of all.. our well hitting water at 135′!  Read more about that on my photography blog.

10Stay tuned.  There will be more pictures as things progress!