Constructing A Massive Storage Shed

Even though we have a three car garage in our new home there still isn’t enough room to park our two daily driver trucks, my classic truck and our side-by-side and still fit all the things that tend to end up stored in the garage.  To solve this problem the hubs decided to build a shed.  But this isn’t just any lil ‘ol shed.  It’s a mega shed.  Seriously.  It’s 11′ wide by 20’ deep!  But it has to be pretty big to house the lawn mower, yard tools, our side-by-side and various other odds & ends.

I don’t have much of the step-by-step info since he’s been doing the construction solo while I’m busy crafting, cleaning and editing photos but hopefully these pictures give you a good idea of the basic framing and set up.  He started with freebie I-beams that were headed for the dumpster at a job site to lay out the base of the shed. Because the location of the shed was a bit uneven, he used cinder blocks we had on hand under the subframe on one side to make everything level.


The I-beams were topped with a layer of plywood and OSB so the floor of the shed has a solid surface and additional strength.  Next he framed up the walls, figuring out the angles needed to create the pitched roof line.  The side walls were made in two panels.


Once those were ready I helped raise the walls and held them in place while he nailed them in.  That’s when you start to get a sense of just how big this thing will be.


The side closet to the house will be taller than the far side, which should help reduce snow build up during the winter and eliminate any water build up during the rest of the year.


He’s now moved on to framing the roof and adding the clear panels which will let in natural light.  Both sides of the roof have a bit of overhang, which should help keep water away from the base of the shed.

That’s the progress thus far.  He’s hoping to get it finished and filled before winter hits, but we’ve already had one snow (as seen in the first pictures) so who knows how long that will be.  I’ll post another update once we have some more progress to show, so stay tuned!


He’s added supports between the rafters for additional strength.  After the first few rows he had the ingenious idea to use left over pieces of the I-beams to save the more costly wood for other areas.





The last time I shared pictures of our home construction, it was little more than a hole in the ground with concrete footers.  A lot has changed in the 10 days since!  I went back to see the progress the following Saturday and found the floor joists finished and exterior walls going up.

1From the driveway.

2 From the back corner of the back yard.

I met the hubs at the site yesterday since I had the day off.  There had been quite a bit more progress!  All of the interior walls are up and they are set to begin installing the roof trusses.

3The garage.  I love how that huge door makes my truck look teeny tiny!

4The man door in the garage.  The other opening will be the electrical panel.

Entering the house from the garage, where the laundry room will be and my new studio off the kitchen.

7The dining room and back door from the kitchen.

8The kitchen with my PANTRY framed in!

9The great room from the dining room.

10   11
The hallway to the bedrooms off the great room and the entry way next to my studio.

12The hubs envisioning the ‘view’ from bed out the slider in our master.

13The other view from bed, the closet on the left and the bathroom on the right.

14   15
The master closet.  I’m already planning this space out to be as efficient as possible.  Watch for a post about that soon. And guest room #1.

16Guest room #2.

17The back side of the house.

18A more straight on shot of the back of the house so you can see ALL THOSE WINDOWS!

19And of course we had to make sure the garage door would be high enough to fit the hub’s big rig! 🙂

Stay tuned for more pictures of the progress and little projects of choosing things as we move on to the details.  I’m hoping to get some shots with the roof on in the next week!