Welcome to Dust Bunnies & Dog Toys (DB&DT)!  I started this blog to share the daily adventures and sometimes mis-adventures of myself, my husband Matt and our “fur babies” with friends and family spread across the country and the world.  I hope you find posts on this site entertaining, informative and fun.

BallCouchSo why name my blog Dust Bunnies & Dog Toys?  Well, because that’s my life.  Just like parents of human children we are in a constant battle with our ‘kids’ toys being EVERYWHERE.  Literally.  They have toys in the car, toys in the yard, toys in every room and toy boxes throughout our home.  Get the picture?  Just in case you don’t here’s the type of things I come home to.  Yes, that’s a ball wedged into the cushions of the couch which is coated in dog hair – the makings of the constant dust bunnies you will find in my home, even after I have just put the vacuum away.  But as any parent would agree, it’s worth the love they give back in spades.  Let me introduce you to our little family:

This is me, Jenna.  I’m a bargainista with an intense Dr. Pepper addiction.  I love sales, almost anything purple and the pride of DIY projects that give me the same look as a catalog at half the price!  Although I’ll admit, I often procrastinate said DIY projects because of the mess created while those projects are in progress!  I’m an Event Coordinator for a local bank but also moon-light in photography and run an Etsy shop.

MattThis is my husband, Matt.  A retired Coastie, he is “semper paratrus” (always ready) and can literally do a little bit of everything – oddly like my dad! And most importantly he’s always willing to go along with whatever idea I find on Pinterest and decide we MUST try!  That could be because he truly loves me or because I agreed that he can buy whatever tools he needs to complete the projects I ask him to do!

TequilaThis is our oldest, Tequila.  Yes, that’s really her name.  It started as a joke, and it stuck.  The breeder put a colored string collar on each puppy to tell them apart and she was the lime female.  So when we discussed what to name her I suggested Tequila.  I never really thought my husband would think I was serious, but I guess he did.  The truly funny thing is that she’s an 80lb lap dog with a ‘tough’ name.

SangriaSangria was our second fur baby (once we had Tequila we decided to continue the trend and because my favorite drink is Sangria… well you get the picture).  She was injured in an accident and we decided to send her over the rainbow bridge just after Christmas of 2013.  She is much missed and will never be forgotten.


HiStoli, joined our family after we lost Sangria.  His name was Rocky Balboa (Bo for short) when we adopted him but we changed his name to Stoli to continue our theme.  He’s certainly a lover, not a fighter and is constantly ‘checking’ on both us and his siblings to make sure everyone is ok.  His lean frame can make him seem a bit feminine, but he’s also pretty athletic, running laps around our house like a race horse and bouncing as high as our heads.  He’s a total hoot and his snaggle tooth is just too cute to ignore.




LLuna came home just a few weeks after Stoli.  Another cuddler, she is definitely not shy and purrs even when being disciplined!  She’s often right in the midst of what the dogs are doing, albeit from a safe ‘supervising’ distance.  Once an indoor cat, she’s adapted to an indoor/outdoor lifestyle and has even mastered using the doggie door.  We considered finding an alcoholic name for her as well, but nothing seemed to fit and when I read that alcoholism can be affected by the moon’s phases I figured it was appropriate that she keep her celestial name because she certainly rules the house.

BBacardi was with us just shy of two years before she crossed the rainbow bridge to join Sangria after her kidneys failed in early December 2015.  Super smart and yet stubborn she loved stalking and herding her brother and was always game for cuddling.  Her goofy grin and crazy antics are sorely missed.


bBrinley joined our family Mother’s Day weekend of 2016.  Named after Brinley’s Gold Cost Rum she has a big personality despite being the smallest canine in the house.  If you look closely you’ll notice she has white eye lashes on one eye and black on the other.  Another ball addict she’s always ready for a game of fetch, and although she loves to snuggle she’s not one to sit still long.



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi. My husband and I love your veggie garden fence bad would love to do something similar, but we can’t find the information on ur blog (saw the pic on Pinterest). Is there a blog post on the steps u took to build it? If not, could we ask some questions?
    Thanks! Brianna and Chad

    1. Hi Brianna, thanks for stopping by the blog! I think you’re talking about the photos of a community garden I shared my dream/inspiration garden (in the post “How will my garden grow”). We didn’t build this so I don’t have a tutorial, but it seems pretty simple – just large metal fence panels called hog panels available at livestock equipment retailers and pressure treated 4×4 posts. My current veggie garden is a raised planter box my hubby built, which you can see here: https://dustbunniesanddogtoys.com/2015/05/27/our-new-garden/ I hope that helps! 🙂

  2. Followed a Pinterest link over here. Loving the blog! My hubby is a retired Coastie and carries out all my crazy ideas too!

  3. Are you OK with our linking from the Willow Garden Club blog to the wonderful posting you published about the Willow Garden Club Tour in summer 2016? I just became aware of your blog and it is both fun and fine! Thanks.

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