Welcome Home Baby Bacardi


Last night was our new fur baby’s first night at home.  She’s fitting right in, playing with her siblings and checking out her surroundings.



She’s already bonding with the hubs and I as well.  We seem to have another snuggler on our hands, which should prove interesting when she’s full grown!


Everyone is getting along pretty well and both Tequila and Stoli are already protective of her, although they’re not so sure about sharing things all the time.


She’s also met the cat, which although it was a brief encounter, went better than we anticipated.  Perhaps Luna wasn’t sure what to think of someone smaller than her!


Of course there are plenty of teachable moments like nipping and a couple of accidental tinkles on the floor, but that’s to be expected. We’ve directed her chewing toward the bevy of toys available, and she’s pretty keen on tennis balls.  So much that she threw a fit when hers went under the couch and she couldn’t reach it!


She does love to be outside, but she’s not too keen on the doggie door just yet.  Instead she likes for Tequila or Stoli to open it for her so she can sneak back and forth underneath them!  Smart cookie.  And when they aren’t willing to do the work for her, she attempts alternative methods.


But all that adventure makes for a tired puppy.  She tries so hard to fight it, probably thinking she might miss something fun.


But eventually she gives in and finds a comfy spot to rest, even if that means claiming the biggest dog bed in the house all to herself. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Welcome Home Baby Bacardi

  1. She is really cute, looks like she will fit right in. I love seeing the looks on all the faces as they adjust to each other. I know T and S are ok with it, but it will be interesting to see how Luna fares as the days go by!!! 🙂

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