Gettin Hooked

Much to my displeasure, our builder installed a single towel bar in the guest bathroom, under the window and right next to the toilet. Not only is that location not ideal because it’s several steps from where a guest would exit the shower, it’s prime germ spreading territory with each flush.


It also wasn’t efficient because it would only hold a single towel, which had to be folded – if you wanted it to look presentable from the main living area down the hall. And my OCD tendencies require said towel to be hung perfectly straight.

I knew I wanted something different, but wasn’t sure exactly what that was at first. I first considered moving the bar to the back of the bathroom door along with another that we took down in the master bath room. The hubs wasn’t keen on the idea of drilling holes in the door, so I researched other options. The next option was buying an over-the-door hanging towel rack. Unfortunately, that still required folding towels and honestly I’d rather spend those few moments playing with my fur babies.  Then I realized I’d already found the best solution and used it in our master bathroom – hooks! Simple, easy and very inexpensive. That’s my kind of solution!

The hubs picked up two more hooks like the ones we had in the master bathroom and installed them on the back of the door.  The new set up simplifies getting ready to hosts guests and makes it easy for said guests to relax and not worry about such a simple thing.  Apparently Tequila approves!


Now our guests have room to hang two towels, right next to the shower. Genius!  Should we need more towels out I can always add a third hook half way down in the middle pretty quickly.  And the towel bars sold on Craigslist for a couple dollars more than the hooks cost. Score! You could say I’m happy, happy, happy.

The Cut

curlsAs I mentioned a while back I’ve been pondering chopping my hair off again.  Don’t get me wrong, I love long hair because it means I can create beautiful curls like this.  But 90% of the time I style it straight or clip it up due to my busy, busy schedule.  And here recently, it’s almost always down and straight because it’s just too long to pull up quickly.

HairI set an appointment with my stylist for a color (which I was in desperate need of) and a trim, planning to take an inch off to make it a little lighter and clean up the ends.   But I hadn’t realized just how much it had grown out since my last trim until I started thinking about what I’d ask for at the appointment.  I don’t think it has been this long since high school!  This is it after blow-drying but before styling.

Then I saw this.  I love this gal’s hair and her blog!  I’ve always been a fan of a mid-length style and often come back to this length, so I was sold on this cut.

I pinned the post and took it to my appointment where I showed the fabulous Miss Bri what I wanted.  Here’s what she created!


I LOVE IT!  It’s so much easier to wash, blow dry and style in the mornings and I still have length to do some variations of up dos and curls.  I usually make it a bit more sleek on workdays, but a quick blowdry with a round brush works just fine for a casual family outing on a breezy day. 🙂

The hubs says he loves my look no matter what length my hair is (ahhh, love that lug), but I know he truly likes it short, so this is a good compromise of what he prefers and what I wish I had time for.  What’s your opinion?  Is longer or shorter better?

Peter Cottontail Gets a Facelift

BeforeHappy Easter!  I thought I’d share a little Easter craftiness today.  I’ve had this cute little bunny yard stake for several years and as you can see, the Alaskan spring weather has done a number on it. So I decided it was time Peter Cottontail get a facelift!

I had the hubs give him a good coat of white spray paint.  I had planned to touch up his facial features with craft paint but then I remembered I had a bunch of colored sharpies so I picked out a cute pink and went for it. Once he had a pink nose and grin he did look a little girly so I decided to give him a little bow tie to help balance out the pink.  I pulled a purple ribbon left over from our wedding invitations out of my supply stash and fluffed until I was happy with the shape.

Now he looks good as new.  In fact you could say he was resurrected, which is a perfect reminder of the real reason behind this wonderful holiday!


Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten any landscaping in yet thanks to the slow spring thaw and the need to wait for the builder to come clean the lot of all the debris they left in the snow. So I propped him up next to the garage with some rocks.  Maybe next year our landscaping will include a bunny trail that brings some other cotton-tailed friends to the yard.

Welcome Home Baby Bacardi


Last night was our new fur baby’s first night at home.  She’s fitting right in, playing with her siblings and checking out her surroundings.



She’s already bonding with the hubs and I as well.  We seem to have another snuggler on our hands, which should prove interesting when she’s full grown!


Everyone is getting along pretty well and both Tequila and Stoli are already protective of her, although they’re not so sure about sharing things all the time.


She’s also met the cat, which although it was a brief encounter, went better than we anticipated.  Perhaps Luna wasn’t sure what to think of someone smaller than her!


Of course there are plenty of teachable moments like nipping and a couple of accidental tinkles on the floor, but that’s to be expected. We’ve directed her chewing toward the bevy of toys available, and she’s pretty keen on tennis balls.  So much that she threw a fit when hers went under the couch and she couldn’t reach it!


She does love to be outside, but she’s not too keen on the doggie door just yet.  Instead she likes for Tequila or Stoli to open it for her so she can sneak back and forth underneath them!  Smart cookie.  And when they aren’t willing to do the work for her, she attempts alternative methods.


But all that adventure makes for a tired puppy.  She tries so hard to fight it, probably thinking she might miss something fun.


But eventually she gives in and finds a comfy spot to rest, even if that means claiming the biggest dog bed in the house all to herself. 🙂


A Tin Crown

I picked up this beautiful tin tile at an antique show soon after we moved into the new house.  Crafted by the same vendor who I got the entry way dresser from, it was a bargain at just $7!  And I knew I wanted to use it in our Master bedroom where it would tie in with the other Moroccan patterns I’d gathered.


Unfortunately I couldn’t seem to find the perfect spot for it.  I considered putting it over by the tub, but it felt crowded there.  I was tempted to replace one of the items hanging on either side of our vanity, but the scale was off.  I also considered using it in the bedroom, but that didn’t seem right either.  At one point I even tucked it away in the cabinet planning to use it on the shelves I want the hubs to install above the toilet.  Then I had a ‘light bulb moment’ and realized it would fit perfectly over the top of the shower tile.

I asked the hubs if he thought it would be ok in such as ‘moist’ environment and he gave a green light.  So armed with a hammer, nail and step stool I proceeded to hang my green treasure in the shower.  I’m pleased to say that I’m very happy with how it looks.  The green coordinates with the green in our decorative tile making it seem like it was painted just for that spot!  Maybe I’d go so far as to say it’s the crowning jewel of the shower.. you know, if crown jewels were made of tin! 🙂


I’ve never hung anything in a shower before (other than a shower curtain), so now I’m curious – has anyone else decorated a shower with art?  If so, leave a comment and tell me about it!

A Little Lace Makes A Big Impact

I thought I’d share the story behind the little lace votives that we’re seen in my recent Easter decor post. I made these as inventory for my recent craft show booth, but they didn’t sell so I decided they were the perfect addition to my holiday decor. They were super simple to make. I started with plain glass votives that I purchased for another project and no longer needed.


I had a bag of lace I’d been hoarding since someone gave it to me so I picked out a couple of sizes that fit the votives well in spring colors.  I measured out how much I needed to go around and added a little extra for room to glue it down.  A little hit glue and about 10 minutes later I had pretty vintage looking votives!


This has to be one of the easiest crafts I’ve done in a very long time!  And because I already had everything on hand it didn’t cost me a dime.  🙂

Bright Colors, Bunnies and Chicks

I finally took down the St. Patty’s decor and put up some Easter decorations.  I’ve actually acquired a pretty good inventory, so I spread things out around the main area of the house.

I hung an egg garland across the mantel, where my little lambs found safe haven from becoming chew toys.  I also added the pretty Pottery Barn-esque twig basket I found on sale last year at Target.




Either side of the TV got a few items as well, including the larger lamb I found at a local boutique recently.  Thus far the fur babies haven’t shown any interest in these items so hopefully my fluffy new friend is safe there.



The kitchen got a few Easter towels I picked up in the dollar zone at Target and the bunny towel I got a yard sale a couple years back.



The entry way’s holiday tree was festooned with eggs and bunny ornaments, which was also the theme on the entry table.






Across from the dresser I hung one of my favorite thrifted items, filled with pretty spring flowers.


The front door also joined in on the bunny & egg-palooza with my clearance egg wreath from Pier 1’s end of season sale a few years back.


Back inside the dining room got the last of the Easter items, my Princess House rabbit dish and some rustic speckled eggs.


I updated the St. Patty’s Day centerpiece with a few fuzzy chicks and some more speckled eggs, much to the delight of Luna who believes they were put there just for her entertainment.


That would be Luna waiting for me to turn away so she can return to playing with her new toys…


And last but not least, I added some fresh flowers from the grocery store to the side table in the green vase I found on my thrifting spree earlier this year.


I still feel like my Easter decor is a little juvenile, so I plan to add in a few more biblical pieces – beyond the lambs, which are my current favorite – next year to represent the true meaning behind the holiday.  But for now, I enjoy the pretty colors which remind me of God’s promise to make all things new again.  Did you do any religious decor for Easter?  If so, I’d love to hear about it!

Our Family Gets Minionized!

Sorry for being MIA most of last week, I got sidelined with a nasty sinus congestion and a super busy schedule.  Luckily, I’m feeling much better this week and thought I’d share another purchase from a local artisan.

Peg characters have been around for some time and I’ve always thought they were cute. Recently, I saw a local artist making custom pegs for families including “Despicable Me” versions and knew I just had to order a set for us!


There’s Gru for Matt and Lucy for me, then a minion for each of our fur babies! And each represents that kiddos personality. Tequila’s minion has a heart because she’s a big love bug. Stoli’s minion represents his goof ball nature with a clown face.

As the lone kitty and ‘tailed’ baby, Luna got a purple minion with an expression similar to the one she gives the dogs every time they try to play with her.  Bacardi’s minion sports a little flower because she’s the new ‘bloom’ in our lives.

For now our little family lives on the dresser in our bedroom, but they will eventually find a place of honor to be displayed in the studio once my new desk and shelves are installed.

If you’d like to order a custom peg set for your family check out Fireweed Lane, the artist who created ours!  She has lots of designs, including Disney princesses and super heroes!