Gettin Hooked

Much to my displeasure, our builder installed a single towel bar in the guest bathroom, under the window and right next to the toilet. Not only is that location not ideal because it’s several steps from where a guest would exit the shower, it’s prime germ spreading territory with each flush.


It also wasn’t efficient because it would only hold a single towel, which had to be folded – if you wanted it to look presentable from the main living area down the hall. And my OCD tendencies require said towel to be hung perfectly straight.

I knew I wanted something different, but wasn’t sure exactly what that was at first. I first considered moving the bar to the back of the bathroom door along with another that we took down in the master bath room. The hubs wasn’t keen on the idea of drilling holes in the door, so I researched other options. The next option was buying an over-the-door hanging towel rack. Unfortunately, that still required folding towels and honestly I’d rather spend those few moments playing with my fur babies.  Then I realized I’d already found the best solution and used it in our master bathroom – hooks! Simple, easy and very inexpensive. That’s my kind of solution!

The hubs picked up two more hooks like the ones we had in the master bathroom and installed them on the back of the door.  The new set up simplifies getting ready to hosts guests and makes it easy for said guests to relax and not worry about such a simple thing.  Apparently Tequila approves!


Now our guests have room to hang two towels, right next to the shower. Genius!  Should we need more towels out I can always add a third hook half way down in the middle pretty quickly.  And the towel bars sold on Craigslist for a couple dollars more than the hooks cost. Score! You could say I’m happy, happy, happy.


Potty Pondering…

Now that the house is starting to take shape and I can envision the rooms within the framed walls, I’ve started thinking about details of each space.  The one in particular I keep pondering the most is our master bathroom.  Although I love the layout of the Master Bathroom, there isn’t much space for storage so I’m trying to incorporate storage into my design.  Of course that means I have a host of ideas pinned just waiting to be put into action.  Here are a few!

I plan to start with making the vanity super functional by framing in the mirror and adding shelves like this where I can display frequently used items in ‘pretty’ containers.

Inside the vanity there will be lots of organized storage with something like this.  Luckily, I spotted bins similar to this at the dollar store the other day so it shouldn’t cost much to create!

Then after we settle in I want to up the ainty with a hidden drawer around the sink bowls out of the false drawer fronts. It’s perfect to hold my makeup and brushes, while the hubby’s side can house his razor and brush along with other daily use items.

I also have plans to add shelves like these above the toilet to store extra towels and toilet paper along with a few decor items just to make it pretty.

Because of the layout in our bathroom there isn’t a good spot for a towel bar within easy reach of the shower.  This revelation led me to consider using towel hooks on the tiny sliver of wall next to the shower similar to this instead.  I’ve really come to love the idea because I’m constantly trying to get the towels folded and hanging evenly on the double bar we have in the rental right now.  Plus using hooks should make the towels dry faster!

The shower will have built in storage with two niche shelves similar to this designed to hold shampoo and other necessities.  That means the shower caddy we currently use can go live in the guest bathroom!

And since there really isn’t a logical spot for a towel bar in the guest bathroom layout I’m going to put them behind the door like this. Such an great idea for a small space!  I love this idea for hand towels, especially since it goes with my ‘seaside’ decor in the guest bathroom, but I plan to use it on the wall next to the vanity rather than under the window. Definitely better than those ugly towel rings, which I despise.

I also love this idea for both bathrooms! How unique is that!  And super simple to change out!  Apparently there is a wealth of styles and varieties to choose from, so I’ll have to pick something different for each potty!