Our Family Gets Minionized!

Sorry for being MIA most of last week, I got sidelined with a nasty sinus congestion and a super busy schedule.  Luckily, I’m feeling much better this week and thought I’d share another purchase from a local artisan.

Peg characters have been around for some time and I’ve always thought they were cute. Recently, I saw a local artist making custom pegs for families including “Despicable Me” versions and knew I just had to order a set for us!


There’s Gru for Matt and Lucy for me, then a minion for each of our fur babies! And each represents that kiddos personality. Tequila’s minion has a heart because she’s a big love bug. Stoli’s minion represents his goof ball nature with a clown face.

As the lone kitty and ‘tailed’ baby, Luna got a purple minion with an expression similar to the one she gives the dogs every time they try to play with her.  Bacardi’s minion sports a little flower because she’s the new ‘bloom’ in our lives.

For now our little family lives on the dresser in our bedroom, but they will eventually find a place of honor to be displayed in the studio once my new desk and shelves are installed.

If you’d like to order a custom peg set for your family check out Fireweed Lane, the artist who created ours!  She has lots of designs, including Disney princesses and super heroes!


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