My Latest Splurge!

Although we’re still several weeks away from moving into the new house, I’ve been watching several sources for the perfect pieces to complete the look I want for several spaces, including the entry way.  I knew I wanted a table that I could decorate with seasonal items, but that also served as storage for my stock decorating materials (candles, cloches, baskets, etc.).

1100I spotted this beauty at a local antiques store last year while visiting Anchorage, but was aghast at the $1100 price tag!  I’d since watched it move around the store with a price drop each time I saw it.  The latest was a reduction to $850, which still seemed high to my bargainista conscience.  I told myself that if it was still there once we moved in I’d bite the bullet and make the purchase, taking a stab at negotiating a lower price first of course!

Then a few weeks ago I found a new local woman-owned business called Persnickety’s Attic who refinishes found pieces and advertises on Facebook.  I’d liked several of her pieces, but hadn’t seen anything that fit exactly what I wanted for the new house.  That is until she posted this beauty!


Yup, my dream entry buffet’s long lost twin!  And at $575 she practically sang a siren’s song to me!  I confirmed the measurements were similar to the first “high-cost” piece and would fit the space, but was then out of town for our recent trip.  Luckily, another fan who was interested said it wouldn’t fit the space she wanted it for, so it was still available when I got back.  It was very hard to part with a big chunk of money so soon after our trip, but this is the real deal – a solid antique military dresser, which means it will last FOREVER!

DresserCabPlus it has LOTS of storage for all my decor items, including the tall vases and glass domes that don’t currently fit in the Craigslist dresser we found earlier this summer.  With a cabinet this deep on both sides I might even have to add a shelf on one side!  I’m already envisioning all my treasures stacked neatly where I can find them at any time!

Unfortunately, there is no room left in the rental for it to be enjoyed, so it will live in the garage next to the hot tub until we move.  I’m very tempted to move all my decor items into it just to see how everything fits.  Yes, it’s neurotic to do so, but I thrive on being organized and having all my decor stuff together where it will eventually live is music to my ears.  Yes – I know I’m crazy like that. 🙂

9It’s going to look fantastic in the new entry way which will look almost identical to this, except with our wood style floors throughout and prettier chandelier.

I’m thinking a hand-made driftwood mirror similar to this above it (although turned length-ways) would finish off the look and provide that ever important spot to make sure you don’t look like a hot mess before answering the doorbell.

What do you think?  Did I find a perfect look-a-like at a fraction of the cost?  Will drift wood compliment the finish or should I do something other than a mirror above?  I curious to hear your thoughts!


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