Peter Cottontail Gets a Facelift

BeforeHappy Easter!  I thought I’d share a little Easter craftiness today.  I’ve had this cute little bunny yard stake for several years and as you can see, the Alaskan spring weather has done a number on it. So I decided it was time Peter Cottontail get a facelift!

I had the hubs give him a good coat of white spray paint.  I had planned to touch up his facial features with craft paint but then I remembered I had a bunch of colored sharpies so I picked out a cute pink and went for it. Once he had a pink nose and grin he did look a little girly so I decided to give him a little bow tie to help balance out the pink.  I pulled a purple ribbon left over from our wedding invitations out of my supply stash and fluffed until I was happy with the shape.

Now he looks good as new.  In fact you could say he was resurrected, which is a perfect reminder of the real reason behind this wonderful holiday!


Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten any landscaping in yet thanks to the slow spring thaw and the need to wait for the builder to come clean the lot of all the debris they left in the snow. So I propped him up next to the garage with some rocks.  Maybe next year our landscaping will include a bunny trail that brings some other cotton-tailed friends to the yard.


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