Crossing the Finish Line

Now that the new house has been cleaned, final touches and repairs are are being completed.  We are scheduled to move in on Friday, although we won’t officially close on the house until sometime the following week.  Due to the extended delays the builder has granted us early occupancy because we already had our military movers scheduled and canceling would have meant a possible 6 week delay or denial of service!  YIKES!  There are still a lot of little details to work through, which make me rub my temples constantly, but it’s almost done.  Here’s a little sneak peek of everything in its “clean, but empty” state.












Moving Right Along…

We went to visit the house again last weekend to find the roof almost complete!  Here’s the latest:



3The front porch where I’m want a rocking chair in the corner for savoring our slice of mountain view.
4The garage.  Tequila is standing in the doorway to the laundry room.

5The garage from the laundry room doorway.

6The kitchen and great room from just outside the laundry room.

7The kitchen, studio and entry way from just outside the laundry room.

8The dining room and kitchen from the great room.  The laundry room is off to the left.

10   11
The entryway and hall bathroom.

9My studio is taking shape!  EEKK! 🙂

12Guest room #1

13Guest room #2

14The Master Bedroom!

15From the rear, garage side.  I’m thinking my garden will fit nicely in that area behind the garage there!

16The rear, bedroom side.  A little extra cleared room as part of the backyard.

And the best part of the site visit was finding this little gem just a few minutes away from our home!  17SOOO going to be making friends with the owners for access to an AMAZING photo location!  I’m already dreaming up cool ideas for family and senior sessions here!