A Quick Fix

When we first brought Luna home, she took out her anxiety on my storage bench in the Master Closet.  Since my other chitlins had somehow stained the seat while we lived in the rental house I wasn’t too upset about it.


But now that we’ve passed the “settling in” phase and she is secure in her role of ruling the DB&DT household, it was time to fix this little blemish.


I dug through my fabric stash and decided a tan microsuede remnant was the perfect match for the master bedroom decor and was just the right size for the project.  Apparently, Luna felt a tad bit guilty about her role in creating the problem, so she wanted to help by taking her bath right next to the board as I worked on it.


A few staples and snips later, it looks better than new!


So good in fact, that the Princess herself came to give it a royal approval!


And then pause to appreciate how pretty she was after her bath!


Hopefully, she has no plans to tear up her new throne now that it’s been upgraded. 🙂


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