The Princess and the Pea?

It’s well known that our fur babies are spoiled, but our cat, Luna has recently been taking things to a new level at bed time. She’s the only fur baby allowed to sleep on the bed with us, due to her size, and the fact that she doesn’t take over the bed like the dogs do.


When she does sleep in the bed, she usually sleeps next to me.  Sometimes curled up in a ball behind my knees but often she’s stretched out down along side me.


But being ON the bed isn’t enough for her. Apparently she LOVES being under the covers.  At first it started out as a cute “tucked in” thing, where she’d snuggle herself up under the blanket.


Then I’d come in the bedroom to find a purring lump in the bed, or a nose protruding from the blankets when the hubs hadn’t made the bed.


But her newest antic is pestering us to be let under the covers, where she claims a spot next to me.  No doubt about it.  She’s a princess.  And I’m certain there is no pea under our mattress, but I’m sure she will continue to want to insist she sleep there to prove it!


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