Industrial Cart Makeover Plan


Today I’m sharing another project plan for our future Foster room.  We scored this fabulous industrial cart in a government auction for $45.  I originally planned to use it as a coffee table on the deck, but one of the wheels was missing some of the rubber tread, so it didn’t roll smoothly, which could be a pain when I want to move it around to change up seating.


Plus its SUPER HEAVY so I wasn’t keen on adding more weight to the deck since we already have the Green Egg table out there and a large seating area.  It was way too cool to not use it in some way, so I had to find another purpose for it.  Luckily inspiration struck quickly.  Although I’d picked up a bunk bed frame and a wooden twin bed for the Foster Room neither ended up working out like I’d hoped so I was looking for an alternative.  It dawned on me that the cart seemed to be about the same size as a twin bed, so I put the mattress on top to see how it fit.


I was quite a bit giddy when I realized it was a perfect match! Since I wanted the bed to be a trundle I knew we’d have to take the wheels off and create some other form of support, so seeing that the sockets at both ends of the bed were still accessible gave me another idea.


We could create a frame for each end with metal pipe that would fit through the sockets! I did some searching on Pinterest and found something similar to my vision, talked it over with the hubs and confirmed it was possible.


Armed with a plan, the hubs made a multi-project shopping trip to the big blue box and now has the materials we need to get this project underway. Hopefully that will happen over the weekend and maybe even be completed by next weekend, so stay tuned to see the progress!

The Princess and the Pea?

It’s well known that our fur babies are spoiled, but our cat, Luna has recently been taking things to a new level at bed time. She’s the only fur baby allowed to sleep on the bed with us, due to her size, and the fact that she doesn’t take over the bed like the dogs do.


When she does sleep in the bed, she usually sleeps next to me.  Sometimes curled up in a ball behind my knees but often she’s stretched out down along side me.


But being ON the bed isn’t enough for her. Apparently she LOVES being under the covers.  At first it started out as a cute “tucked in” thing, where she’d snuggle herself up under the blanket.


Then I’d come in the bedroom to find a purring lump in the bed, or a nose protruding from the blankets when the hubs hadn’t made the bed.


But her newest antic is pestering us to be let under the covers, where she claims a spot next to me.  No doubt about it.  She’s a princess.  And I’m certain there is no pea under our mattress, but I’m sure she will continue to want to insist she sleep there to prove it!