Master Bench – Industrial Style this time

ZRemember our pretty upholstered DIY bench that sat at the foot of our bed?  It suffered a fatal injury while we were on vacation and had a house sitter.  I’m not sure if the dogs jumped on it or if something else happened, but this is how we found it when we returned from our trip.


Both legs on one end had lost connection with the base of the cushion.  We probably could have fixed it but we knew it wouldn’t be as sturdy as it had been and if it couldn’t withstand life in our house at it’s strongest then it wasn’t going to work for us.  So we came up with a plan to replace it a bit of industrial style and plenty of support so we don’t have to go through this again.  The hubs drew up a plan to use pipe for the base and wood for the top based on pictures I found on Pinterest.  Once it was assembled and put in the room we realized our scale was a bit off.


1If we needed a coffee table it would have been perfect, but it just didn’t work as a foot board bench.  Not only was it too high, it was too wide and took up too much of the walkway.  So the hubs took things apart, cut a few pieces and reassembled everything.  This time it was a much better fit. (Excuse my ‘naked’ bed – it was sheet washing day!)


Now we only needed one of the boards from the first version for the top.  And presto – a perfectly proportioned foot board bench!



Since the board is a little hard and the stain we used will likely seep for a while added a faux fur skin on top as a cushion and stain guard.

6I really love how it turned out and the rustic/industrial look it gives to the room, especially since I just changed up the décor in here to go more that direction.  I’ll be sharing those details soon.  I’m planning to work up a new base for the old bench cushion top and sell it in my booth at the upcoming holiday bazaars.  I’ve got a couple of ideas on what it will look like already, but if you have a suggestion I’d love to hear it!