A Whale of an Update


Although it’s quiet here on the blog, we’ve been slowly completing little projects in-between work, a rush of photography clients and daily life.  One of those projects was creating a collage of a whale breach sequence I shot several years ago while my family was visiting Alaska.  I recently had a client request a framed print showing the sequence of the breach and I liked it so much I decided I needed one for our home.  I found the frame at Michaels and ordered it online for a better price, but it arrived very damaged due to poor packing so I had to wait a few days until I could do an exchange at the local store.


Once it was all complete I hung it in the guest room so visitors can enjoy it while staying at our home.  It fit perfectly on the small wall next to the closet, complimenting the fox fur my hubby got long before I came around.  Another item that’s new in this room is the large crock you see in the corner there.  We picked that up as a set of three at an estate sale this summer.  This was the largest of the three.


I’ve ‘interviewed’ it in a few spots around the house since buying it but I think I like it here best.  I plan to fill it a large fern – probably a faux version because I’ll never remember to water it in this room!  I still need to figure out a night stand for this side of the bed.  I have a project table in the garage I had planned to use here, but I think it might need more repair than revamp so I’m watching the buy/sell pages for an already finished option instead.


Now that we’re starting to get the spare room set up as a foster-child room, I moved Roomba’s dock into the guest room.  He fits perfectly beneath the sewing table nightstand, yet still has room to leave and return to the dock for charging on his own.  Although he’s very visible from this angle you can’t see him from the door, which keeps things looking clean and simple.  You can tell Luna is sooo impressed with my mad skills right? 🙂


There are changes coming to the dining room as well, so the lamps that used to live on the buffet needed a new home and I think they look great in here.  I added a little wooden tray I picked up for a few dollars while thrifting earlier this year so guests can keep track of the little items that often get lost when traveling.  I love how it plays off the colors in the lamp and contrasts with the cherry top of the table.

The room is definitely still a work in progress, but it’s starting to look a bit finished now.  I’ve got a few other small projects lined up to share soon, so stay tuned!


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