Skip the Skirt, Get a Box!


This year we tried something new with out Christmas tree.  Instead of using a tree skirt to hide the base, we have a box.  I saw someone selling these on the local buy/sell page and considered having the hubs make one but since they were selling for $40, which is about what the materials would cost we agreed that it was a better idea to just buy and leave the extra time for more important activities.

7The box came unfinished, with the trim being 2×4 and the planks being cedar, probably fence pickets.  Although that was pretty it felt a little to raw for me, so I gave it a quick rustic coat of white to play off the flocking on our tree. There is also a small hole drilled in the back for the power cord to go through, which works perfectly.

The hubs likes the look and Luna likes having a new hiding spot inside.  I like that I’m no longer constantly fluffing the fur throws we used to use as a skirt!  Although it’s one more thing to store, I’m glad we made the switch and can see us using it for years to come.


3 thoughts on “Skip the Skirt, Get a Box!

  1. This is an amazingly beautiful tree! I love the box look. You are so creative and have an amazing eye. Truly stunning tree. Hugs n luv Mombasa

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