The New Dining Room Sideboard


Today I’m super excited to share our new sideboard buffet for the dining room, but first you might notice the blog got a little update since my last post.  Hopefully you like the new design as much as I do and the added features make things easier to find.  Now, on to the buffet.  I’m absolutely in love with how this piece turned out!  Here’s how it looked when I spotted it on the local buy/sell page.



It wasn’t as tall as the one we had before but it was wider and had more storage cabinets which is what I had been looking for.  I was way down the line for dibs and thought for sure it would never make it to me, but a few days later the seller message me to say that I was up next and see if I still wanted it!  We were still in Hawaii so I contacted Anne-Tiques who refinished our hope chest and arranged for her to go pick it up for us even though it was located a ways out of town.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE working with her?!  She’s one of the best small businesses I’ve dealt with in a long, long time.

When we returned from Hawaii we went over to see it in person and worked out the game plan for what the final product would be.  To fix the height problem we decided to create a riser platform that the whole piece would sit on and since it would be enclosed we added an air vent to the front so we could still use the floor vent that is located under where the piece would sit.  Here’s the hubs inserting the vent in the riser before we arranged everything.


Here’s the finished piece against our new shiplap wall!  The colors are fun yet neutral at the same time and it compliments the grey of the dog bowl stands perfectly.

2Luna thought this was a great new hiding spot for her while I was getting it stocked.  She was not too pleased when I informed her that this was not for her, but for storage.



The hubs made me this handy shelf for the middle section so I can store a variety of items all within easy reach.


The cabinet on the left holds our china, antique juice glasses from the hub’s family and the toasting flutes from our wedding.  The other side was perfect for a large platter, chip & dip set, salad bowl, bread basket, condiment server and covered baker.


S2The drawers above hold our fancy serving utensils, salt & pepper shakers, gravy boat, butter dish and other small dishes we use periodically. Now we just need to get the windmill hung above it! 🙂


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