Pinterest Pass/Fail Roundup

Not many posts on this blog don’t mention Pinterest, so I figured it was high time I do a recap of which Pinterest projects were considered ‘pass’ and which were a ‘fail’.  So let’s look back and see just which is worthy of it’s own “nailed it” joke.


  • Pantry Spice Rack – Although we deviated from the original design a bit, it still worked perfectly.
  • Cache Pot – Still the easiest Pinterest project ever, although I’ve found that the glue dots don’t hold quite as well as I thought they would and opening the jar can be a bit of a pain since it seals so tight.  I’m still trying to figure out a bag system so the inside won’t rust, but overall it does what it’s supposed to.
  • Mason Jar Soap Dispensers – We’ve had a few of the pump heads pop off, but I blame that on the quality of the item.  I’ve screwed them right back on and they worked fine. 
  • Crown Molding Shoe Racks – These turned out a little different than I envisioned but they are working great.  Now I just have to get around to painting them!
  • Washer & Dryer Pedestals (post coming soon) – I love having the washer and dryer raised.  Unfortunately, our platform was damaged during construction and hasn’t been fixed yet, which is why the post hasn’t happened. 
  • Closet Laundry Baskets – Still one of the best Pinterest finds in my book.  We again deviated a bit from the original design, but it works for us and that’s what matters.
  • Baby Shower Diaper Cake – Granted mine wasn’t quite as pretty as the Pinterest version, but it got lots of ooohhhs and ahhhs at the party.
  • Cupcake Stand – I love how this turned out, although the hot glue wasn’t strong enough to hold for transit back and forth.  I plan to reattach the pieces with a stronger adhesive when I need such a piece again.
  • Party Punch – Yummy and simple.  Can’t beat that!
  • Upholstered Guest Headboard (pre-blog) – It was so simple I showed the hubby a picture and he did it one afternoon before I got home from work without any direction.  Our design was similar to this, but with different fabric.
  • Kitchen Island Glass Insulator Pendant Lights – Still one of the most visited projects on this blog and one of my favorites.
  • Permanent Marker Removal – Who knew!  And it works!
  • Desk – It’s still not my dream set-up, but it works for now and it’s sure better than a folding table!
  • Gold Toed Shoes – I’m not sure mine are as cute as her’s, but I might be a bit self critical.
  • Curly Bun Updo – A success from a fail.  Gotta love that.
  • Lemon Blueberry Bread (pre-blog) – This recipe has created addicts and raised over $300 for charity!  I bet it’s original creator never imagined that.
  • Stove Cleaner – I certainly don’t miss the flat surface stove, or cleaning it.
  • Natural Cleaners – I actually need to make up another batch of DIY Febreeze because I finally ran out. Love how both work and plan to continue using them.  I also started using the DIY makeup brush cleaner recipe and am pleased with that as well.
  • Terrariums – These suckers did so well that the plants literally outgrew their containers and had to be replanted.  A few didn’t survive the transplant, but that happens.
  • Drop Cloth Curtains (update coming soon on how these are being used at the new house) – So glad I found this idea now that we have SUPER tall windows!
  • Magnet Bobby Pin Holder – A close runner-up for easiest project yet.  And it works like the dickens.
  • DIY Laundry Detergent (post coming soon) – I wanted to use the recipe for a while before talking about it, but so far so good.  And it’s not that complicated to make either.


  • Ombre Shirt Dying – This project didn’t turn out all bad, but it certainly didn’t end like I thought it would, which is why I’ve classified it as a fail.
  • No Heat Curls – Epic failure.  Maybe it’s the magic of YouTube or minimal detail on web cameras, but whatever it is, my hair does not respond well to this method.  Seems I’m destined to get my curls the time-consuming old fashioned way (shakes fist in the air)
  • Rug Stop Silicone – I’ve seen this idea all over Pinterest, and with two rambunctious pups running around it seemed like an easy solution to a constant problem.  Unfortunately, it did NADA for our sliding rugs.  However, the store bought rug stop under the entire rug does seem to do the trick.

And the winner of the “nailed it” award is….No Heat Curls!  It was so horrible I couldn’t even take a picture of it! LOL

Now that I’ve rounded up the good and the bad and the down-right ugly, it’s obvious that the majority of the ideas I find are acceptable passes.  I guess that means my Pinterest addiction isn’t that bad after all. 😉


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