Dye Job

I had a couple of white shirts with pit stains I just couldn’t seem to get out, despite trying all of my pinned tips.  I really liked both tops, so rather than throw them away I decided to dye them and disguise the issue.


I picked out purple and lime dye at Micheals, which then sat around for several weeks due to a super busy schedule.  Then one day it rained and I thought, “What better project for a dreary day than infusing some color into my wardrobe!”


I dug out a tub I use to do my foot detox soaks and gathered the other supplies needed.


The directions were fairly simple to follow.  Step one: Add salt to hot water and stir.


Step two: Add dye and stir (after watching the cool color swirls created first!).



Step three: Add item to be dyed. The directions said to stir continuously for 15 minutes, then let sit for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally. I wanted a dip dye or ombré effect, so I decided to divide the 15 minutes into thirds, one for each section of the shirt, then let the whole item sit for 45 minutes.



That theory didn’t work exactly how I envisioned on the first shirt.  Instead the entire shirt looked about the same color.  It could be because the material was synthetic and not cotton like they recommend, but I didn’t think that would make much of a difference.

The second shirt was, cotton so this time I only stirred occasionally during each 5 minute portion and removed the entire item after 15 minutes.    That seemed to create the ombré effect I wanted much better. I rinsed both tops and then washed them before hanging them to dry.

Throughout this process my assistant did nothing to help other than supervising from her favorite spot on the couch!


I think both turned out ok and I’m glad I decided to add more color to my closet.

10   11

I’ve worn the purple top a few times now and think its a nice casual piece.  I haven’t worn the green top yet, but plan to pair it with slacks and a cardigan for a casual work outfit.  What do you think?  Improvement or just a cover up?


5 thoughts on “Dye Job

  1. It’s definitely an improvement. I’m sure you have a ton of white so color is always better!! Love them.

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