Who Knew?!

So, the other day the hubs comes home with permanent marker on his NEW work shirt.  I didn’t ask any questions and said I’d see what I could do.  Of course my first resource was Pinterest, where I found over and over again that hand sanitizer would cure this particular problem.  Really?  I figured it was worth a shot so the next day I tested the advice – and it WORKED!


I didn’t expect this to be a post so I didn’t take a before picture, but I did take one after the first application of sanitizer and then again after the second.  In the first you can just barely see where the spot was because it had lightened that much!


After the third application I couldn’t see it at all!


I washed and dried as normal and the shirt looks great – which makes me happy because I really liked that shirt on the hubs! J  So next time you face this problem, grab that bottle of sanitizer, dab and rub until it’s gone.


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