Why I’m Skipping Halloween

Anyone who knows me personally knows I ALWAYS decorate for EVERY holiday.  I planned to break out my spooky gear and do it up like usual until I realized that I don’t have a yard to decorate this year.  Our rental is a duplex style town house and our front yard is all driveway with stairs to a tiny landing by our front door.  My alternative was to decorate the now winterized balcony, but when the neighbor told me not to expect more than a dozen trick-or-treaters I just couldn’t justify finding the time in my super busy schedule to haul out the tubs of décor for less than a week’s display.

The hubs is starting a new welding course this week that is almost every evening and Saturdays, so he won’t even be home for Halloween.  No hubby, minimal trick-or-treaters and crappy weather have led me to bah-humbug the whole shebang.  No candy, no décor, no costumes.  Nada.

It makes sense in my head, but my heart still misses it.  And to add injury to insult I’ve realized that we won’t get ANY trick-or-treaters at the new house because we’ll be so far in the boonies.  Granted, I’m not willing to trade the privacy the rest of the year for that, but it’s still a little sad to think we’ve seen our last cute costume on our doorstep.  😦

Perhaps we’ll host a big Halloween party next year since it will be on a Friday and anyone who needs to ‘sleep off’ their monster brew will have the room to do so.  And we could go all out, even set up a scary maze in the woods on our property.  And I think I’m going to upgrade my decor a bit.  A little more Pottery Barn gothic and less cutesy.  I’ve certainly got enough ideas on Pinterest to make it happen DIY style!

For now, I’ll live vicariously through everyone else’ blog posts and pins.  With the pending completion of the house and possible move near the end of November or early December, I have a sneaking suspicion that the same will happen for Thanksgiving.  But I guess that means I get to go whole hog for the holidays next year!!!  I can hear the hubs planning some trip far, far away just prior to that! LOL


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