My Upgraded Desk

Because we know this is just a temporary space until the new house is complete we didn’t want to make anything too permanent.  So, I’ve been using a small folding table as a computer desk since we moved in back in March.  I was NOT a fan.  It wobbled, wasn’t big enough and I’d hit my knees on the supports underneath about a 100 times.  So when I saw a free interior door on Craigslist I decided it was time to upgrade.  We’d already purchased two wood filing cabinets for $50 to replace the ones we sold in the move.  We plan to paint and use them to make a wall-to-wall desk in the new studio, so we used them as the base for the new temporary desk.  A few screws to secure the door to the cabinets and we were in business.  Here’s the before (even prior to the filing cabinets, which lived next to the table for quite a while):


And the after!


It’s not my dream creative space, but that will happen in the coming months as we move into the new house.  It is a nice upgrade until then though!  Now I just need to get my business license framed and hung so the wall art feels more balanced.  And notice how all the cords are wrangled into the little box in front of the chair?  The hubby built that based on this!  The bonus to having one made of wood?  It’s a pretty nice foot rest! 🙂

The door isn’t long enough to be a desktop at the new house, so it might become a top for a workbench or perhaps a gardening surface in the greenhouse.  I’m sure I’ll find some use for it – eventually! LOL


5 thoughts on “My Upgraded Desk

  1. I really love the filing cabinets. Is there a name of who makes them on the cabinet anywhere? I have been looking online for days to duplicate them,

    1. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a name on them when we painted them, and now they are fixed in place in our new home. But they are just regular wood filing cabinets. You probably won’t find them online since most places sell metal now, but if you check local thrift stores or craigslist you’ll probably get lucky. That’s where we found these. See how they all came together on this post: I’d love to see what you create, so be sure to come back and share when you get your’s all set up! 🙂

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