A Quick Fix

I often need bobby pins to keep my baby fine hair in place when styled up.  But I didn’t want to have bobby pins covering my vanity, so I started keeping them in a little bowl near the sink.  But even that seemed a bit messy to me.  So took to Pinterest to find a solution.  Within minutes I had one.  A magnet strip along the inside of a cabinet door.  I adapted the idea, putting my magnet strip inside the drawer where I keep my makeup, which is usually open and in easy reach while I’m getting ready each morning.


All it took was a couple of 3M adhesive strips on either side, that way I can move it if I decide I want them somewhere different in the future.  I think it took all of a minute to gather my supplies and install them.  Best of all it’s been working like a dream.  Quick, easy, and functional.  It just doesn’t get any better than that!


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