DIY Natural Cleaners

Although I had already planned on switching to DIY ‘natural’ cleaning products when we moved, the massive collection of bottles that sat on my kitchen counter to be tossed as we packed reaffirmed my decision.  I’d been on Pinterest long enough to know that most household cleaners could be replaced with concoctions of vinegar, water, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, but there were so many different recipes to choose from I knew I’d have to try a few to find the ones that I liked best.


How Does She? seems to always have good tutorials so I figured that would be a good place to start.  I’d already picked up two spray bottles at Target, just because they were pretty – sad, but it’s the truth – and figured the Windex and Febreeze recipes I found here were something I’d use regularly.  I already had vinegar on hand, so all I needed was some essential oils and because I had a coupon I headed over to Michaels to pick some up.  “Lavendar” and “Tropical” in hand, I set out to play mad scientist.

Actually it was pretty simple.  I was done in a matter of minutes.  So fast I didn’t even think to take pictures of the process or the supplies I used!  I decided my blue bottle seemed “tropical” so I made that the Windex bottle and the green seemed naturally paired with “lavender” so that became the Febreeze bottle.

I’ve used both and think they work just as well as the store bought competitors, although I didn’t find that the DIY Windex prevented foggy mirrors in the bathroom like the post said it could.  But I’m ok with that.  Especially knowing that my home is clean and as chemical free as I can make it.  I’ve also done the toilet bomb recipe and think it will become the standard for our household.  I didn’t try the sink cleaner as I’ve already been using the Dawn & Vinegar solution described here, which I keep in the shower, to give the sinks a quick once over when needed.  It seems to do the trick, both in the shower and the sink.

As I add to my homemade cleaning stock I’ll probably create pretty labels for each bottle, but for now a simple “F” and “W” written with a paint pen will suffice in case I ever forget which is which.  Although simply adding a spray nozzle to bottles of club soda and hydrogen peroxide (another How Does She? idea) won’t require labels.  🙂

I have plans to try out this wood cleaner recipe (since the store bought multi-surface leaves a film on our dining table) and this makeup brush cleaner as well.  I’m still not sure about the laundry detergent recipes I’ve seen as none confirm they are HE compatible and I’m not about to ruin clothing or an expensive appliance to test it out.

Do you use natural or DIY cleaners?  If so, which are your favorites?

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