A Little Green For My Cube

PurplePlantNow that I have a little green established at home I decided that the empty spot on my desk at work was the perfect place for a plant.  But it couldn’t just be ANY plant.  It had to be purple.  Not only is purple my favorite color, it is also one of the colors of my new employer’s logo.

I originally planned to get an African violet, but I knew they can be a little fussy and high-maintenance.  Not a good combo with my busy schedule.  Plus the ones at the store already looked in need of a little TLC.

So I browsed the other options they had, pausing to consider bromeliads, peace lilies and more.  Then I thought a coleus might be a good option because they have nice color and seem fairly hardy, but there were none to be found.  I was about to give up when I spotted this purple tinged leaf out of the corner of my eye and decided to take a closer look.  All the tag said was “tropical plant,” while suggesting indirect sun and watering when dry.  I could handle that.  And I remembered seeing a pretty purple pot at another store on sale that it would look FABULOUS in!  So I picked out the one with the most stems and almost pranced to the register.  I picked up the adorable purple pot the next day, added some left over rocks from my hanging terrariums to give it a polished look and viola!  A custom purple plant for my cube for around $10.


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