A Little Indoor Gardening

Remember my little terrarium project?  Well it’s gone so well that a few of the plants have since outgrown their little bubbles and were in need of a bigger home.  I’ve been collecting little crocks and containers to serve as planters and trays to set them all on for a few weeks now from clearance bins and yard sales.  I decided I finally had enough and got some potting soil to get things going.  Here’s what I started with.


You can sense that I had a plan as I set all these out! I moved the larger plants into new pots where they can continue to grow, and transferred the slower growing plants to the now empty terrariums.


I ended up with enough planters to fill the laundry room window, the master bathroom window AND one of the windows in the family room.


At some point in the hopefully near future the terrariums will once again hang in the windows, but I’ve given the hubs marching order that his priority is getting the garage unpacked and organized first – which will also hopefully result in him finding his fishing line to do said hanging!  Once I rearranged everything there was still a bit of room in the laundry room window tray so I found another small container for future repotting, or even a new additional plant.


I was afraid that the dogs might bother the ones in the family room since it sits at eye level for them, but luckily they haven’t seemed very interested.  Hopefully that statement didn’t just jinx things! LOL


I love having something green and alive around the house, how about you?  What kinds of plants do you have in your home?


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