It’s Snuggle Time!

PStoli has officially become comfortable in his new home. So much so that he has now developed a new habit of laying on the back of the couch like a cat.  We believe it started because that’s where we keep the throws and he figured out it was the cushiest spot on the couch.  It was quite comical watching his facial expressions as he climbed up there right in front of us and settled in – like the one in this photo I posted on Facebook!

This weekend he expanded his new territory when he climbed up on the back of the chair while Matt was sitting in it and curled up behind his neck, atop the throw we keep there.  At first he just took in the room and the yard outside from his lofty perch.  Then he watched TV with daddy, both from his shoulder and over top of his head.  I guess it was their father-son bonding time.

How totally stinking cute are they?!



Apparently the movie wasn’t that captivating for Stoli, because he soon dozed off …



Until that paparazzi mommy of his woke him from his nap.


Which is when he moved to Daddy’s other shoulder to escape me, or so he thought…


And before the movie was over, sister Tequila was in on this snuggle action.


I do believe that’s a qualified dog pile! 🙂


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