A Quick Update to the Craft Shelves


As I mentioned when I shared our new barn doors in the office I’ve been making a few changes to the craft shelves above the craft cart.  Here’s how things looked the last time you saw this space – a random collection of containers and displays to store my finished inventory and on-going projects.


And here’s how it’s looking today.  Much simpler and more stylish!


A bit of purging and rearranging reduced what I needed to store here so I was able to condense it all down to two containers.  I found these cute baskets on sale at Michaels and with a coupon only paid about $10 for both.  One holds finished inventory and the other has bits and pieces of projects in the works.


Since I’ve stopped making hair accessories and am focusing more on personal DIY and home decor projects I didn’t need the displays I’d used for the smaller pieces anymore so the mannequin was sold and my beloved metal grate became a note board rather than a display.  The rusty oil can will eventually become a small lamp for this table.  I’ve got the lamp making kit, but am still on the hunt for the right lampshade to get that project rolling.


I shopped the house, pulling a milk glass vase, small plant and wooden caddy to arrange with the frame I already had here.  I also moved our little minion family over here from the other side of the room.  They are much more visible now, which makes me happy and reminds me that we need to have a new minion made for Brinley! 🙂


I eventually want to get a vintage scale like this one to replace the wooden caddy, but I’m waiting to find a good bargain.  until then the caddy brings a nice balance of tones and texture to the space, so I’m happy with it.


I still need to figure out something for the blank space next to the metal grate.  My current idea is to make a fabric canvas that can be used as a backdrop for photographing small projects, similar to one a favorite beauty blogger of mine created.  I’m thinking something a little lacy since this is one spot I could get away with it because it’s out of reach of the dogs.

I’m really loving the simple farmhouse vibe this space has now.  It’s a big change for just $10 since the only thing I bought for the update was the two baskets.  We’ve been making a couple of other simple changes around the main area of the house recently that have a similar style so things are really starting to feel cohesive.  I’ll be sharing those updates very soon, but in the meantime I’d love to hear you think of the changes so leave me a comment below.

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Organizing My Crafty Storage

Shelves3 Since I’m running behind recently I still have a few No-Spend January projects to share including getting my craft shelves organized. Although it’s not really all that exciting, I’m happy with the result and the fact that I crossed another “to-do” off the list without spending a dime. I liked the mannequin bust and wire basket I had up there already, but I had a few other items I wanted to store including already made elastic headbands, clear ornaments I never found time to make into minions back at Christmas and my inventory of seasonal hair accessories. I dug out a matching yet larger wire basket from my décor stash to hold the ornaments on the top shelf, which left just enough room to place a display board I already had made up. To finish up the lower shelf, I purchased the glass jar with my Target gift card for the headbands and returned some unused items to Michaels which gave me enough to buy the little storage box for my seasonal inventory.  I may eventually paint some gold dots on the box just to give it some interest, but that’s not a huge priority right now. While I was arranging the shelves I realized that if I moved the hanging wire rack down a bit it would create the perfect space for the name plate I still hadn’t figured out how to use. Will it stay there forever? Probably not. But at least it has a home and is on display for now.  The open jar on the right of the cabinet top is my trash can when working on a project and the containers on the left currently hold projects that need a little fixing.Shelves2 Here’s a full shot of the shelves and the cabinet.  Normally the cabinet is centered below the shelves, but apparently I bumped it out of whack before taking this picture!.  Still it’s pretty darn inspiring – especially when it’s cleaned off! Shelves If you look closely you can see the roll of kraft paper standing up next to the cabinet because I still haven’t decided how and where I want to mount it yet. I’m leaning toward mounting it with some simple hardware on the side of the cabinet so I can still use it when I roll the cart out into the living room, but it doesn’t fit quite right so I might have to pick the hubs brain to make that idea work. 🙂

More Crafty Storage!

CraftShelvesI recently picked up some simple white floating shelves at Lowes and had the hubs install them above my craft cabinet for some additional storage. I originally planned to DIY these, but at $20 each it was worth saving the hub’s time for other more important projects. 🙂

Although they can only hold a few pounds, they are the perfect way to display some of my finished crafts and inventory as I prep for the upcoming holiday bazaars.  Of course what I display here will change as my projects do, but it’s nice to have a spot to show off my work or stash things that are “in-progress” while keeping my table top clear for working.

That roll of kraft paper you see on top of the cabinet will soon be mounted to the wall just an inch or two above the table surface so I have a quick and easy wrapping station as well!