What’s in a name?


I ordered this cut metal name plate on one of my favorite “daily deals” websites for around $20 including shipping and love it, but I’m not sure how I want to use it.  The website showed them affixed to the exterior of a building, but it’s not very large (about 12″ long by 4″ high), so I’m worried that it would get lost on the side of the house plus I’m not crazy about the idea of attaching anything to our new siding.  I originally thought I’d use it out near the road as part of an address sign, but that’s a low-priority project so it will be a while before I work on that.

When it first arrived in the mail I considered making a light box so it would be lit from behind similar to the trendy marque letters everyone is DIYing these days, but I’m not sure where I’d use that either.  I’ve also considered painting it, adding some metal stakes and using it as garden art in the landscaping that will come once the fence is installed around the backyard or in the rain garden.  I even went as far as pulling out some paint options.


But I just can’t commit.  I’ve searched Pinterest for ideas and haven’t come up with anything beyond what I’ve already considered, so I want to hear your suggestions.  How and where would you use it? Would you paint it?  If so, what color?  I’m betting someone will have an amazing idea that will make me say – Why didn’t I think of that?!  And inspire me to make it happen!


2 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. If you’re just looking for something quick & easy you could hang in on a door like a wreath with some pretty ribbon, rope or twine until you figure out what you actually want to do with it or until you get to making a more time consuming project out of it. Or it may be cool to make some sort of large night light out of it. I frequently have to get up to let my little dog out in the middle of the night so if you have to do that (or just get up to use the restroom or get a glass of water). Or, I’d say it would be nice backlit with blue or red light in a bar or man cave. Oooor (this may be reaching a bit) but maybe you could make some sort of log holder for a fireplace out of it? lol….hey, I tried!

    1. Thanks for the ideas! I use scentsy lights so I’ve already got nightlights in all the key rooms and our fireplace is gas so no log holder needed, but we do have pieces of birch trees that we’ve taken down and it might look cool attached to that for something. I thought about hanging with a ribbon, since that’s how the website modeled the other version available, but it was done in a script font. The block letters I chose look more manly and might look funny with a ribbon. I’m actually now considering using it on our side-by-side as a tag of sorts! 🙂

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