Light It Up

A few weeks ago I shared some do’s and don’ts of flag etiquette, which included keeping the flag lit if you choose not to take it down at dusk.  Here in Alaska, that’s not a problem during the summer since the sun never truly goes down.  However come winter, we will have the opposite – more hours of dark than light.  And the darkness will descend long before we make it home to remove the flag each day.  So rather than not fly the flag all winter, the hubs rigged this fancy light for the flag.


It’s powered by a solar panel, which should still get enough sunlight each day to power the LED light through the darkness, even in the winter.  Installation was pretty simple.  He just picked the best location, attached it to the wall with a few screws and angled the light.  Since he picked it out and installed it without me, I don’t know much of the details beyond that.  I don’t even know where he got it or how much it cost.  I’m just pleased to have a light at the ready that didn’t require extensive landscaping to install and isn’t a monstrously obvious contraption!



One thought on “Light It Up

  1. Love it! Glad your hubs n you using his present…. God Bless the USA Luv u tons

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