A Little Extra Support

Apparently the little tropical plant I have on my desk at work is very happy in it’s home, because it has grown like wildfire.  It had spread so much that I’d started using nearby picture frames and awards to support the new growth!  It was getting a bit out of hand and the drooping stems weren’t growing strong enough to support the new growth.


So I decided to give my little purple plant some extra support with a trellis of sorts.  I picked up some copper tubing used for plumbing at the big box hardware store.  I planned to make an upward spiral, but realized I didn’t have a lot of height to work with in this spot and that plan would require tools to cut the tubing, which I didn’t have at my disposal while at the office.  So instead I curled the tube around and then arched it over so I could push the ends back into the pot.


I added the new twisty trellis to over the plant and started fishing the stems up and threw it.  No rhyme or reason, just gently pulling each through the loops until it seemed to sit well.


A few minutes later my little plant looked like this.


I showed off my handiwork to my co-workers who were pretty darn impressed and then placed my newly supported greenery back in it’s usual spot.


Not bad for a few dollars of tubing and a break spent creating something. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Little Extra Support

  1. Fabulous! What kind of plant is that? Dracena type leaves……never seen those colors. You are amazing!

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