Cache Update

Remember the pretty little cache pot I created a while back? Well it had a little defect. You see the lid fit so snugly that when you went to remove it you had to hold the pot itself to pry it open. And when it did open the motion created caused the contents already inside to move. Sometime so much that they escaped – onto the person opening it. That’s why my pretty copper canister became cabinet top décor and a replacement was found.

Shortly after we moved to the mainland I purchased this ice bucket at JoAnns on clearance for something like $5. And then I never used it.


Since my inspiration to DIY a cache pot in the first place came from an ice bucket I decided to give it a try and set it out on the counter for a test run. It was easy to open – just lift the lid. It was easy to clean – just pull out the insert dump and put in the dishwasher. And it was the perfect size. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the perfect color. But that’s nothing a coat of spray paint can’t fix.


A few coats of spray later and wha-la, I have a new cache pot! Plus because I already had the bucket and the spray paint it didn’t cost me a dime! I’m still not crazy about the stars, so I might rig something to cover those, but for a totally free project I’m not gonna complain.


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