Floor Scratch Removal

So remember that folding camp chair the hubs was using on his side of the new desk? Well it’s metal feet under the hub’s manly frame wasn’t very friendly with the floor…



Luckily, I have a secret weapon, a wood stain pen.  Although I purchased this to disguise any little dings on our kitchen cabinets, it works just as well on the floors and furniture.


I actually first used it on the bathroom floor after the hubs installed some molding at the bottom of the cabinet and his drill left a sizable divet in one of the planks.   I just colored it in with the pen and let it “soak” in.  Now that spot just looks like a small knot in the wood.  Of course you can find it if you really look for it, but because it blends in no one ever will. 🙂

In the office, I cleaned the floor so there wouldn’t be any dirt or dust in the scratches and then lightly ran a fingernail over each scratch to take off any small rough pieces of the vinyl left behind.  Next I just colored on the floor.  Literally, I just squiggled across each area and then drew a line over any scratches that extended outside the main group.  I let that sit for a few minutes then wiped off the excess with a rag.  Here’s the end result.


If you look really closely, you still might spot a few of the scratches, but if you were to walk past this area you’d never notice anything that would make you stop and look.  That was the exact reason we chose this flooring material.  It’s tough, so it’s scratch resistant and even when we do manage to scratch it, I can correct the problem quickly and easily!


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