Saving the Floors

After fixing the scratches from the camp chair in the office I decided to make my pretty purple chair more floor friendly since it has tried to leave marks on the floor as it’s moved back and forth as well.  The culprit was these little plastic “feet” on the base of each leg.  They weren’t really necessary, so I pulled them off.


That left me with a flat wooden base.  I was afraid that this might eventually get rough and also scratch the floor, so I decided to add a layer of protection with felt.


I cut a few squares from some scrap felt I had on hand and used gorilla glue to attach them.  The brown color blends in with the leg so you don’t even realize it’s there.


Now when I push the chair in or out, it slides on the floor without issue. In fact, it’s so nice I plan to do the same to all of our dining table chairs and bar stools.  Although I’m saving that little project for one day this winter when I’m trapped indoors due to weather!


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