Coat Check


Now that cooler temps have arrived the hubs and I are both wearing a coat each day. And those coats usually end up on the backs of our dining table chairs or barstools each evening because it’s a convenient location to leave them as we arrived home from work. It’s not a big issue, it just looked messy, which bugged me so I decided to figure out a solution.

Our laundry room is just off the garage so we pass through it every time we enter and leave the house. Although I’d love for this room to pull double-duty as a mudroom too, there isn’t enough room for both functions. But keeping our coats in check would be a nice compromise!

The idea initially came to me when I spotted a simple board with hooks on it for sale on one of the buy/sell pages for $10. Although I contacted the seller several times, she wasn’t responsive and then the ad just disappeared. I decided to look for something similar at local retailers and found one at Lowes for $28. A little more than I wanted to spend, since I could have had one for $10, but still not horrible.

I wanted to make sure it would be able to hold a bit of weight since we would be hanging coats on it, so the hubs broke out the stud finder and located the studs on the wall wall between the door to the garage and the door to the dining room.   A couple of screws and it was up.


It works perfectly, just enough room to hang a couple coats and my purse.  One day I might re-do this whole wall in board and batten with hooks farther apart, but for now this serves the purpose.



One thought on “Coat Check

  1. I hate the coats on the backs of chairs as well. I want to do hooks in my entry but I have a “command center” sort of set up there. If we stay in this house long enough I may take out the closet doors off my garage entry and put hooks in there. A closet seems functional in theory but no one wants to take the time to stop and hang anything up lol.

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