A Simple Revamp with Paint & a Knob

1TopToday I’m sharing a quick revamp I did on a side table with a bit of midcentury mod style.  Here’s how it looked when I spotted it on the buy/sell page.


It was a good price for a solid wood piece and I knew I could give it a facelift with a quick coat of paint.  I had grey paint on hand from a previous project so I used that. I was pretty happy with how modern the new color made the piece look, even part way through painting!


Once everything was dry I switched out the futuristic drawer pull for a simpler knob.  I originally wanted to do a farmhouse style pull like we have on the drawers in the office, but since that would require drilling new holes I decided to stick with the single attachment option.  I also added a basket for more storage space.  It’s the perfect size for magazines or a throw blanket which makes the piece very functional in a multitude of spaces.


I originally planned to use this piece as part of a desk in the foster room but changed my mind as the room came together, so for now it’s acting as a nightstand in the guest room.


I paid $30 for the table and around $20 for the basket, so the total cost came in just under $50.  Not bad for a quick little project.  I’m currently on the hunt for a small dresser for the guest room so when I find one this piece may find a new home elsewhere in the house.  I could see it working well as a side table in the family room as well.  But if not it should be an easy piece to sell.

I’d love to hear what you think of the transformation!  Leave me a comment below about how you’d use it in your home if you had the chance.

Milk Can Side Table


This little project has been in the making for some time now. I picked up the milk can on the local buy/sell page. At $50 it was pretty pricey but they are hard to come by and this was the real deal, solid metal in good condition. I needed something sturdy that would stand up to the elements on the front porch.


I wasn’t loving the original red color so I dug through our paint cabinet and found two grey spray paints I could use. The first was a dull grey primer and the other a brilliant metallic finish. I randomly layered them so they would mix well and play off each other. Here was the end result.



I hunted high and low for an unfinished wood table top to complete this project to no avail. I even looked when I was down south on our trip. Amazingly, I finally found one at Lowes for about $13.I found a can of stain in the paint cabinet and gave each side a coat. Then the hubs and I took turns applying coats of poly – also from our paint cabinet – to both sides until we were happy with the color and finish.


I planned to screw the top on through the lid of the milk can, but the hubs suggested liquid nails which we had on hand. A couple dollups and a good hard press and it was done.


It looks just how I envisioned it would, the perfect unique and rustic side table for less than $65. Just wait till you see what it will accompany on my porch!

Shared at Knick of Time’s Vintage Inspiration Party #203!

My Garden Stool Addiction

My name is Jenna and I’m a garden stool addict. Our trip to Portland produced three new garden stools, which now brings me to a total of five. It all started with an online purchase of the first when I needed a table for the chair and ottoman in our family room. Then I picked up a metal stool last summer at the nursery and used that as a side table for the chairs on the balcony of the rental house.

I purchased the third in Portland last fall, but couldn’t bring it home on the plane so we left it there with the ’55 knowing we would be back to get it in the coming months. I plan to use it with the chairs going next to the fire pit.


In the meantime, I’d started using the blue metal stool in our master bathroom shower as a spot to prop my foot when shaving my legs. It fulfilled a need, but the blue wasn’t working with the rest of the room’s decor, so I was planning to paint it gold like the accent in our mosaic tile. I purchased spray paint several weeks ago, but hadn’t gotten around to completing that project before leaving on our trip.

So when I spotted a white Moroccan garden stool that I loved at Home Goods during my pilgrimage there I convinced myself that it would coordinate with the white trim in the room and would make an excellent replacement. It was a bit pricey at $80, but I reasoned that if I decided it didn’t work in the shower I could use it elsewhere and go back to my previous stool.


A few days later we hit Marshalls to use a gift card and I found this. The color was a perfect fit for the bathroom and the pattern would work with the decor as well. And at $39.99 it would only cost me $15 after my gift card! I believe there was a heavenly hymn playing on the overhead speakers. I snapped that baby up and claimed her as mine.


Then I spotted a wooden stool nearby and debated which would work better in the shower. So I did what I always do, I grabbed both and found the hubs to let him help me decide.

That wonderful man didn’t bat an eye when I walked up to him with not one, but two more stools and asked which he liked better. Oh how I adore that man! A short discussion later the decision was made and the wooden stool left behind as we proceeded to the checkout.

So now I have a diverse collection of stools. But in my defense, they are all useful and #5 is perfect for the shower! So I guess this is one addiction I’ll maintain. 🙂