The Perfect Little Side Table

I’ve been day dreaming about having a cute garden stool side table for some time now, but just wasn’t ready to fork out big bucks to have one.  So I’ve been watching the sales and pinning ideas.  I’d spotted one I really liked at Pier One, but it only Garden Stoolcame in dark blue, which just didn’t jive with the rest of my family room decor and at $125 I wasn’t interested in spending more to DIY it into the right color.  Then the other day I decided to browse through just for fun.  And I found this little gem.

It was originally priced at $130 but it was on sale for $106, plus free shipping.  It was still a more than I really wanted to spend, but it was a good price and the reviews made it sound perfect.  So I put it in my cart to ponder.  Do you do ever do that?  In the store I often put things in my shopping cart and wander around a bit to see if I still feel as drawn to them after I’ve seen other things.  If not, I don’t buy it.  I do the same thing online.  I put things in my cart and if I forget about them by the next day then I figure I must not really love it or need it enough.  But if I keep thinking about it then I’ll go back and click buy.  Often times if you do this on retail websites where you’ve purchased before and registered an email address they will send you a “did you forget this?” email with a discount offer if you complete the purchase!

I couldn’t get the colors of the stool out of my head for the next two days so I when I got an email from Overstock I went back to my cart to complete my purchase.  Although they didn’t offer me a coupon in the email, there was a coupon for purchases that day available on their website!  I call that FATE!  Unfortunately the free shipping offer disappeared when I entered my Alaskan zip code.  That drives me crazy.  They seriously act like we’re in a foreign country and some retailers won’t ship to AK at all!  I realize that Hawaii shares the same problem, but I figure their warm sandy beaches and paradise lifestyle make up for it! 🙂

Although it wasn’t free shipping it did only end up being $30, which seemed very reasonable to ship a ceramic fragile item to the frozen tundra.  And because I’d saved about the same amount with the coupon my total came to the sales price anyway.

I anxiously awaited my package’s arrival, tracking it like a mad woman online.  And then I came home and there was a box in front of my garage door!  I immediately carted it upstairs and unpacked it with glee.  Not only was it lighter than I’d expected, but it was exactly the color I wanted.  I nearly swooned.  I’m in love with the details and color variations in the glazing.




It is a little shorter than the arm of the chair it sits next to, but it is still within easy reach and has just enough room to hold a glass and my iPad.  Just what I need for my cozy evenings in my favorite chair.  I forsee this little stool enjoying a LONG life at our home, likely spending time in different areas of the house.  Great looks, good price and versatility?  What more could a girl want from a simple little stool?


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