Our Morning Routine

Most families have a morning routine and we’re no different.  Ok, maybe we are a little different because ours involves on 80 lb Rotti coming into the bathroom for her daily blow dry and ear massage while the 60 lb Heeler incessantly nudges a ball closer and closer to your foot in hopes that you will kick it for her to chase.

Tequila Morning

This is the face I see in the mirror peeking over the counter every morning during this process.  I’ve become very adept at blow drying my hair with one hand, while massaging Tequila’s ear with the other.  I alternate between blow drying my own hair and her.   When we’re done, if my husband is home at the time I tell her to “go show Daddy how pretty she is” and she promptly heads to wherever he is to receive his praise for looking exactly the same as she did when she came into the bathroom!  It’s totally silly but it’s MY time with her every day.  It’s our connection.  I know it’s just extra petting and attention to her but, I secretly look forward to it and am a little upset if she’s not around while getting ready.

Sangria MorningMeanwhile my other child has found her favorite ball – whichever happens to be closest when she wakes up – and is standing in the bathroom door way whining.  And no matter how many times you do kick the ball she will come back expecting you to do it again, and again, and again.  And should you dare to tell her no, she will give you a look of pure disbelief.  She can seriously hold this pose for hours if she thinks you will actually kick the ball at some point.  And yes, that ball does light up, which makes for a very interesting game of ball at night!

Sangria and I also have our own ‘girl’ time each morning when she comes and peeks around the shower curtain wanting me to flick water at her so she can catch it in the air.  While I’d love to get a picture of this hysterical scene my DSLR wouldn’t do well in the shower and I’m already multi-tasking with getting squeaky clean and entertaining my youngest child.  She takes it a step further and provides a personal ‘lick dry’ for calves when you step out of the shower.  That is apparently her ‘pay it forward’ for playing ball afterwards!

I seriously love these two goof balls, regardless of how many dust bunnies or messes they create!  As any mother can understand.


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