Craigslist Score


I’m all about furniture that serves dual purposes, especially when that includes STORAGE!  I knew I wanted some kind of antique trunk as a side or coffee table in our family room and was constantly searching Craigslist for a good deal because there was NO way I’d pay the $200-300 the local antique stores wanted for theirs.

Then one night while at dinner with my hubby, I was waiting to order, scrolling through listings on my iPhone.  And there it was.  But at just $40 I was certain it was a typo or a scam.  Luckily, a few messages back and forth later, I was on this stranger’s doorstep the next afternoon picking up my new treasure.  Apparently he and his wife are empty-nesters and are downsizing.  Since it worked in my favor, I’m very happy for them! 🙂

Check out all her little details…

Handle Chipping 3 Metal embellishment

Not only does it pack loads of character, it holds LOTS of extra blankets we keep just in case the power ever goes out mid-winter in some freak storm since we DO live in Alaska and it DOES get VERY cold here.  Plus if my rough-n-tumble fur kiddos crash into it with their play sessions no one but me will be able to tell!



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