Cabinet Top Décor – The Final Lineup


Some time back I shared a little update on my cabinet top décor and mentioned I still wasn’t crazy about it as a whole so I’d live with it for a while. I did just that and have finally found the perfect lineup. The previous arrangement seemed a bit crowded, so I removed the green glass jar, which now holds a candle in my holiday décor arrangements.


Next I swapped out the pitcher for a smaller wooden basket, which better fits the plant and gives more variety in height.


Then I rearranged the area above the fridge to add my bargain yellow vase, which gives just enough color to that end of the space. I did leave a spot for Luna to sit if she chooses (I figured that was a better option than her trying to rearrange and possibly breaking something), but I haven’t seen her up there since I changed things up.


The shorter space on the other cabinets remained the same, but here’s an updated picture showing the glass peppers I added last time.


So there’s the final lineup – at least for the foreseeable future. 🙂 What do you think?


A Little Update Up Top

Although I love the decor I chose for the small section of our kitchen cabinet tops, I wasn’t super crazy about how things were looking on the long portion.  I’d tried a few options and had a plan to update a large tin I purchased, but something still wasn’t just right.  It just seemed a little to sparse compared to the other side, so I knew I wanted to add something.  Maybe a few somethings.

Luckily, while I was in Portland I found several somethings on my pilgrimage to Home Goods and a visit to a large Goodwill.  The new haul included a basket tray, a tall distressed white ceramic container, a fake plant and a green glass jar.  All together, I probably spent around $30 for all four, which brings the current total spent to around $40.  Still within my bargainista budget.

I added a cream ceramic pitcher I already had and the former cache pot – watch for an update on that project soon.  I played around with the items, trying things in different spots and finally settled on this line up.


Apparently Luna approves!  In fact, I’m surprised she didn’t knock over the basket so she could lay in IT!  I’m still getting used to the new look, but I’m pretty happy with how it pulls in the colors and textures from around the kitchen and family room.  The fact that the pitcher is a different color than the other ceramic pieces kinda makes me twitchy, but it works for now. 🙂