A Quick & Easy Spray Paint Makeover for Desk Accessories

Since I’m transitioning into a new role at work, someone had to take over my old position.  Luckily we had someone within the department who was interested and ready for a change, plus she already knows how we operate and the history of many projects.  She’s had to share a desk at every job she’s ever had so having her own desk in this new position is a big deal for her.  I decided to really make it special with a few fun accessories she can use to set up her own space.  I picked up a cute mouse pad and some note pads at Target for a few dollars and then found this inspirational free printable online to continue the pink theme.  I asked a friend to pick up a simple IKEA frame on her trip down south for the holidays and printed the artwork to fit.

While these couple of pieces were nice, I wished I could buy her a whole new set of accessories to really make her desk snazzy, but that just wasn’t in my monthly budget after the holidays.  Then inspiration struck – I remembered I had a can of gold spray paint at home and because I made my own DIY paper clip jar for my new desk I didn’t need the metal mesh clip cup I’d used at my old desk.  So I decided to give spray painting it a try since it worked so well on my desk caddy organizer at home.

It worked pretty well and coordinated with the mouse pad’s gold dots.  That’s when I knew I was on to something.  I took the business card holder and tape dispenser home over the weekend to give them the same makeover.

The card holder was pretty simple, but the tape dispenser needed a good cleaning along the little groove and a bit of taping off so the tooth part where you tear the tape didn’t get painted.  Now both look like the fancy desk accessories you buy new at the stores, rather than the boring bankers black they used to be.

Finally I painted an IKEA metal bucket I had on hand for a pen cup to complete the set.  I had run out of spray paint at that point and had to buy another can, which wasn’t an exact match to the first but it all still works together.

When I presented her with the spread she was very surprised and loved the whole set.  She officially starts the new position next month and is excited to get her space set up with her new bling.  It was a simple way to give her an extra little bit of motivation for the challenges she will encounter as she learns her new duties and it didn’t ‘break the bank’! 😉

Feelin’ Lucky

Because neither of us have Irish heritage and we aren’t big drinkers, St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a huge to-do in our home.  Regardless, I still like to put up a little green here and there.  I usually round up whatever green and gold décor pieces I have lying around and mix them together with the small stash of stereotypical St. Patty’s theme items like leprechauns, gold coins and rainbows I’ve accumulated over the past few years.  Here’s what I came up with this year to bring a bit of luck to our home.

On one side of the mantel I used a framed Irish phrase I found online and printed with some Celtic graphics for a border along with some green and gold accents.  The other side holds my newly thrifted green vase with some white hydrangeas, another gold votive and our pretty D monogram which has hints of gold to it as well.



The button rainbow I created a few years back fit perfectly on the little side table between the chair and couch.  A little potted succulent next to it added a bit more green.


The space on either side of the TV got a little attention with more mix and match green and gold.  Split peas in a glass jar keep my little leprechaun contained with his gold.   I also paired a white crock I picked up at a thrift shop recently with faux clover I found on sale at JoAnns last month.  A pretty green bird and some more gold votives finished off the look.



I made this blarney stone back when we lived in Kodiak and love how it looks with gold coins in this pretty cloche which I placed on the buffet in the dining room.


More split peas in a white tray with white pillar candles makes a super simple, but elegant centerpiece.


The entry way was the refuge for all the left over green and gold, which I compiled into two little vignettes around my green filled Scentsy .  It was also the perfect spot to hang my lucky leprechaun sign.



And of course I had to make a little green bling for myself to wear today!  I put this small pin on my green cardigan and have a larger version on my coat lapel.  Irish or not, I’m not getting pinched! 🙂


Do you do something fun or unique to celebrate this fun holiday?  Leave a comment and tell me about it!

Gold Dipped Toes

I’d been itching to update my wardrobe for fall when I spotted this post by one of my favorite bloggers and realized I had the exact same pair of shoes!  I don’t wear them that often and figured this might make them more versatile.  So, a quick trip to Michaels with a store return gift card in hand and I was ready to make it happen.

I’m not going to do a tutorial, since it was as simple as getting my supplies together, taping off the section I wanted painted, and well – painting.  The hardest part was making sure I made the gold section the same on both shoes! Here’s a few shots of the before, during and after.

Step 1
Step 1
Step 2
Step 2

They turned out pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself!  And unless you inspect them closely, you’d never know that they were painted.  Now I’m thinking I should also paint the wedge part gold or do a similar pair of flats with polka dots!  It might also be a way to fix the scratch on the top of my favorite pair of kitten heels…What do you think?  Good idea gone bad or worth a try?