DIY Strawberry Gutter Planters in 4 Easy Steps


The hubs and I tackled several projects over the weekend thanks to some glorious weather.  I’ll be sharing them all in due time, but here’s one of the ones I’m most excited about – our new Gutter Strawberry Planters!

The install was pretty simple, just 4 easy steps:
1.  Install boards across the space to hang the gutters from.


2.  Hang the gutters from the boards.


3.  Add end caps to each side of the open gutters.


4.  Fill with dirt and strawberry plants!


It took longer to find the materials at the home store than it did to install and finish this project!  The hubs may drill holes in the bottoms of the gutters to allow for drainage, but we’ll see how it goes for a few days before he finalizes that thought.


I love that they are high enough to be safe from our berry picking dogs and because they are behind the shed they are protected from the moose.  Plus this spot gets full sun for a large chunk of the day which is what makes strawberries sweet.  Hopefully the plants like their new home and start producing sweet success soon!



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