Getting in Tune with the Holidays

December 1 marks the beginning of the Christmas season for me and there’s nothing that brings me into the holiday spirit quicker than Christmas music. That used to mean digging into my Christmas storage tubs for my holiday CDs, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology I now have a “Christmas” playlist in iTunes and all I have to do is click play wherever I am – my desktop computer at home, the iPod in the vehicle or the iHome at my office.

Like my other playlists, this one is pretty eclectic ranging from country to classic. Although the music included comes from multiple sources, two albums make up the majority of the list so I thought I’d share them with you. The first is “Heavenly Christmas” by Jackie Evancho. If you haven’t heard this gal’s AMAZING voice you’re missing out big time. Every time I hear her sing I get goose bumps. Literally. I’m so glad my mother-in-law was watching a special about her while I was visiting a few years ago because otherwise I probably still wouldn’t know about her amazing talent.

The other is LifeScapes Christmas Stress Relief, a 2-CD collection of 24 instrumental classic Christmas tunes. It’s the perfect background music when I’m working but still want a festive feel. I stumbled upon this album at Target several years ago while playing with the music sample kiosk.

I also have a few favorite singles on my list such including:

So now that you know what’s on my playlist, I want to hear what’s on yours! I’m always on the hunt for new favorites to add, so share your suggestions below.


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