Crafty Christmas Creations


I began making ribbon characters a few years ago after finding tutorials on Pinterest for several holidays. My Christmas collection includes a Christmas tree, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Clarice (Rudolph’s girlfriend), a snowman, a snowlady and a penguin. I’ve also tested angel and Santa designs similar to the snowman and lady, but haven’t perfected them yet.

At first I just made them as hair clips for my nieces, but I soon realized that if I sent clips to the girls I’d have to send something equally cute for my nephews so they didn’t feel left out. The solution was simple – put the same characters on broach pins. Not only did the boys enjoy them, adults who wanted to show off their festive side in a professional way couldn’t get enough of them!

This year I started making them as ornaments as well, since not everyone wants to wear a hair clip or broach pin. They haven’t been as popular as the clips and pins, but it’s nice to offer the option since I let customers mix and match for a price break from $3 each to two for $5.

Want to order one for yourself or someone on your list? Check out my Etsy shop where they are listed!


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