Super Simple DIY Santa Ornaments


These cute ornaments are another Pinterest success project. From the moment spotted the idea I knew it would be a great addition to my inventory at the upcoming holiday bazaars. The materials were simple – a red ball ornament, a soda can tab and black electrical tape. I had two of the three materials laying around and found an 8 pack of the red ornaments on sale at Michaels for around $5.

It took a little bit of finagling to get the tape to fit through the tab holes smoothly, but once I did a few it was pretty easy. I found it easiest to get the buckle/tab started with a bit of tape on either side and then pull the tape around the ornament, keeping it taunt so that it would go down flat. Once I made it around to the other side I just lined it up with the starter tape and cut it just past where they joined.

Priced at $5 each, they were definitely one of the most noticed pieces at my booth last weekend, but I only sold one. I still think that’s a fair price when you factor in my time and additional cost for the electrical tape, but I might reduce it to $4 each for my booth this weekend. If they don’t sell then they will end up on my own tree and two will go to my nephews who I give ornaments every year. It’s a tradition in my family for the kids to receive an ornament each year so they have a collection of their own when they move out one day. And Alaskan themed or hand-made ornaments are usually favorites! 😉


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