My New “Old” Fruit Bowl


Some time ago, my fruit ‘bowl’ became the hubs’ catch all spot for when he comes home and empties out his pockets. In the meantime I’ve just been using a bowl from our regular dish set, which worked just fine but I knew that wasn’t a permanent solution. So I’d been on the hunt for a simple and inexpensive replacement.


This little milk glass beauty fit the bill perfectly. I picked it up for just $4.50 at a local antique store I just discovered! I kept eying it as I wandered through the aisles and finally decided it spoke to me. There were actually two of the same bowl, but one was marked $10 and the other $6, so I took the cheaper bowl knowing I’d get an extra 25% off thanks to the open house sale they had going on!

Eventually, when the side counter is no longer a tool bench for indoor projects, I may rearrange the hubs’ drop zone and use something different so I can reclaim the original bowl. If and when that happens, I’ll use this one for centerpieces and other decorating. But until then, I think it does a mighty fine job as the counter top fruit bowl!


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