An Artful Disguise

As promised, here’s my other bargain art piece from my recent Target shopping spree.  I’ve been looking for a subway art piece for the wall between the entryway and the office for a while now, and actually purchased a canvas from Michaels to create my own.  Luckily, before I got to that little project I spotted this on sale at Target for around $20.  The color was a great contrast to the wall and I love the phrase, but what I really love is how it’s doing double duty!


How you ask?  Well it’s hiding the not so lovely thermostat!  How clever is that?!  Of course I can’t take credit for this brilliant idea since I got it from Pinterest, but I’m still super happy with how it turned out.


All it took was a couple of hinges and it was bye, bye boring thermostat!  The hubs did notch out the frame of the canvas just a bit so we could center it on the wall, but that was due to my preference on location.


This same idea could be used to disguise other wall mounted items like alarm systems or old intercom systems.  Have you decorated around your thermostat or disguised something in your home?  Tell me how with a comment below!


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