Crafty Storage and Workspace, All in One!

You know I love a good bargain, and you know I love to craft, but those two things together make me positively giddy. I’ve been eyeing this craft cabinet for some weeks now, waiting for it to go on sale. Lucky for me my patience paid off because not only did it go on sale for 15% off, but I had an additional coupon for 10% off and got FREE shipping – saving around $100. I almost swooned!

I can’t wait for this sucker to arrive and get assembled so I can finally have a dedicated crafting space! Now I can spend more time crafting instead of hauling my supplies to whatever area I’m working in.

Although I originally planned to repurpose a large armoir cabinet into a crafting station, I came to realize that I tend to craft at the dining room table or kitchen island so I can watch TV or chat with the hubs at the same time. Because of that, having a piece that could accommodate a moveable work surface and storage became the priority. That ruled out a huge armoir and made a hutch or dresser the likely choice. I’d considered refinishing several thrift store pieces, but they all had minimal storage due to large drawers that wouldn’t suit my supplies well. When I saw this I knew it was perfect, although I will admit I’m NOT a Martha Stewart fan. Unfortunately, I hadn’t found anything that could compare for the price.

I plan to add large casters to the legs so it can be moved out into the living room where I can see the TV or into the center of the studio for more room when working on something large. And you know I’ve got big plans to organize all my supplies by categories into those fantastic shallow drawers, where they will be away from little customer’ fingers and puppy paws. Granted, I won’t be able to fit all of my supplies and my entire fabric stash in here, but I tend to only pull out the fabric I’m working with at the time anyway. I plan for my fabric to live on shelves in the guest closet, where they are easily accessible and out of the way.

I’ll likely add some sort of shelf or cabinet above this piece so I have a spot to store all the display pieces I use at craft shows, but that will come a bit later. And I’m thinking of doing a bulletin board between the shelves and the work surface so I can pin up inspirations and rig some system of storing the little pieces of whatever project I’m currently working on.

Hopefully I’ll get a tracking number soon so I can obsess about when it will arrive a little more concretely. Watch for a post in the coming weeks once it’s here and set up! ☺

Entry Way Décor Storage

As a serial decorator, I’ve amassed quite a trove of basic décor items.  There are the usual suspects: platters, baskets, candle sticks, etc.  From the moment we signed on the dotted line, I’d planned to store all of these items in a cabinet of some sort in the entry way and this wonderful find fit the bill perfectly.  Now that we’re in the house, it was just a matter of organizing everything in this new ‘home’.  I finally unpacked and sorted all of my décor items last week, which left me with this mess.


Although this inventory fluctuates with use, I wanted each type of item to have a specific spot in the dresser, so finding things would be easier.  I started with the larger items – vases, glass cloches, baskets and made sure they’d fit in the two cabinets.  One small drawer holds all my candles, the other has all my scentsy bars and hooks.

DecorAfterThere is a drawer for ‘fillers’, another for ‘containers’ and one for misc items that I use sporadically.  Not only was I able to fit everything that wasn’t in use somewhere in the house in this one piece, I still have one whole drawer empty!  That means there’s room to grow my collection!  Woo Hoo!  I feel a thrifting spree coming on! 🙂

That large mirror – another bargain find at just $30 on a local buy/sell page – sitting on top will soon hang over the dresser.  It might get a facelift after a while, but for now it will work just fine with the dresser’s rustic finish.

I’m excited to start decorating this new space for each holiday, creating a warm welcome for our guests. So now I want to know.  Do you decorate your entry way?  If so, do you go all out or keep it simple?